The Cloak

A cloak is an outer garment that hangs loose from your shoulders. And if you think about it, a cloak usually worn by someone creepy. If you see a person wearing a cloak, they’re probably trying to hide something. Dracula wears one, even the Grim Reaper wears a cloak. Let’s be reminded of something when we think of these images. You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life, Episode 67 The Cloak

Some people love to play dress up and be someone else for a while. It’s an escape and for Halloween, that may be why it is so attractive to some. It seems innocent. 

However, dressing up for Halloween can be scary, unless you keep in mind all the things we talked about last week. To use Christian language, there are opportunities for “open gates” when you entertain those types of things. 

But if you know anything about the psyche of a little boy, that boy needs to feel like he has what it takes in order to “take on the world”, and to feel that he can overcome anything in life he may face. Dressing up for Halloween and being scary to others can be a shadow of that. It can make him feel powerful. And if you’ve studied Developmental Psychology, that can be a good thing. It gives an opportunity for a little boy to learn to be brave.

Odds are that if you are listening to this you’re not 5, we are living life. And like we’ve said earlier, it’s a little creepy to wear a cloak.

However, all of us wear some type of cloak in our everyday life. Oh sure, we call it “being all things to all people”. But where is that line of “playing well with others” to be drawn?

What is our cloak of today? It’s not just a Hollywood thing. A cloak is meant to hide evil.

What is your cloak?

Listen, even Adam hid. So this is nothing new. 

One of the first steps towards restoration and Living the Freedom Life is to STOP wearing your cloak! It’s that simple. Don’t be secretive. 

I know Living the Freedom Life isn’t about a long list of things you have to do to be a good Christian and what to stop doing to be a good Christian. Living the Freedom Life is becoming the person God made you to be. So, when I say STOP wearing your cloak, what I’m really saying is that you don’t have to be secretive about you

There was a time when I wouldn’t say that I was from Tennessee, or that I was raised in deep east Texas. I’m from the country. I was not raised on a paved Road. In fact, we had to make sure we had at least a quarter of a tank of gas just so we could get home and back into town the next morning. I used to be very secretive about …well, me

There are three things that Secrecy does:

  1. Secrecy is one of the first signs that someone is up to no good. If someone looks at you from the corner of their eye and suddenly gets quiet when you walk in the room, YOU KNOW THEY ARE UP TO SOMETHING. 
  2. Secrecy builds suspicion, it puts others in a place to ask questions that may not be any of their business. What are you doing, why are you doing this, where are you going. If you feel irritated when you get asked those questions, you may want to dig deeper and ask yourself why are those questions irritating you? It may be that you are hiding something. Which brings us to number three. 
  3. Secrecy puts people on the defensive. When we are confronted about hiding something or being secretive, what happens? We get defensive. “That is none of your business what I’m doing, my motives or why I’m doing it. Leave me alone”. And we usually push them away. Isolation is the last thing we need in those situations. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that when someone asks you what, why, and where that they are accusing you of being secretive. But this dialogue gives an opportunity for us to examine what is going on inside. It may give opportunity for God to do something deeper. 

Look, I’m about to tell you something I didn’t read in a book, or learn while going to a church building, or listening to a preacher. In other words, “flesh and blood did not reveal this to me” the Bible would say (Mt 16:17). 

See, Living the Freedom Life is about being the person God made you to be. Like, the thing that He had in mind when He made you. That is what He wants for you. I’m not here to talk about religion. I’m talking about how your life can be so much better than you can ever dream of. He designed your life to be that way. 

That is not for us to decide how we are to “live our best life”. “Live your best life” That has been a power phrase recently and I don’t agree with it… completely. You see, at one time, I was living a pretty awesome life, according to what I wanted out of life. I rarely know what the best thing is for me to eat for lunch, much less how to live “my best life”. We don’t know what our best life is, or what it even looks like. If it were up to us, all of us would still be striving to have what we think we want and need, only to end up trying to fill our lives with more stuff we are striving to have.

I want to tell you three quotes and I want you to listen closely. 

Smooth seas do not make good sailors. 

Pain is the most anointed of teachers. 

Self-comfort is the killer of dreams.

Those are three quotes in my life that have changed my view on what Living the Freedom Life means.

Does that mean that “since I started following Jesus” my life is one big sacrifice? No. Well, . . . not really. 

I have to learn to sacrifice what I think I want and let God provide in my life what He knows I need.” ~ KM Coaching 

And that’s a big statement, but one you’ll hear frequently during our coaching sessions. 

We’re out of time but I want you to know, you may be surprised at how many people wear a cloak. 

If you feel like you have to be someone you’re not, or you’re hiding who you really are, you’re not alone. Give us a call, drop us a message, get in contact with us, we would love to help you on your journey towards Living the Freedom Life. 

Remember, We give away what we have, let’s make sure we receive life. Living the Freedom Life, this is Kyle. 

Something Spooky

I was born on Halloween. That’s right. Halloween.

In our family, I was the eldest grandchild, the only grandson. My Granddad nicknamed me “Spookum”, I loved that nickname. I don’t ever remember hearing him call me Kyle and strangely, I took pride in that. 

I wasn’t raised in an overtly christian home, but I always felt an uneasiness about celebrating scary stuff and death. 

Having that background, when I came to know The Lord, it took on a different challenge. It began to speak to who I am and confirmed what kind of person I was.Out of seeking truth, I began to believe a lie. Well, several of them. I began to ask deep seated questions about “Why was I born on this day?” So as I began to discover more about God, me, and the origin of Halloween, I began to see there is a pattern in my discoveries. This is where things were distorted.

You see, we’ve talked about this before, Satan cannot create, he only distorts what is already there, he distorts the truth, he is the father of all lies.

Halloween was birthed out of the love for Fall and the Gospel. Whaaaat?!?!?! Stay with me. 

So let’s talk about the history lesson on the origin of Halloween. 

So, Halloween was never a Christian holiday, obviously. But as I just mentioned, watch the pattern of distortion.

In the early days, Catholics would call it “All Hallows Eve”, you may have heard about this before. But it first occurred the day before All Saints Day. Where did THAT come from?

Well, that’s a great question, let’s look for a moment at All Saint’s Day to get a better understanding of “All Hallow’s Eve”. You’ll see that they will come out of the same principal. One will be distorted so much that it is unrecognizable to its original intent.

The first account of All Saints Day was actually from the early Greek Christians. They kept a festival on the first Sunday after Pentecost, (pay attention) honoring  the martyrs that died to keep that bible on your phone, intact. They were martyrs for the faith and people were honoring them and their life. People died so we can have a bible today. So it’s a little more than a “Pastors appreciation day”.

You may think that none of this has anything to do with Halloween, but it actually does.

People wanted to “honor” those people so badly that they started dressing up like their favorite Martyr. Truth is stranger than fiction, right? That’s where we started dressing up for this day.

I can just see, at one point some witty teenager somewhere thought it would be funny to dress up like his favorite martyr, John the Baptist and put a fake severed head on a platter, and that’s what started it all. Seems innocent enough, right? No? Well, let’s move on.

In 609AD All Saints Day was made official by the Catholic Church.

Pope Gregory III in the 8th century, changed it, he moved it from the 1st Sunday after Pentecost (Spring) to November 1st. Why? Simply put, it was in the middle of crop planting season and they wanted to celebrate after the harvest, when everything was plentiful and it was more likely people had some extra money.

Moving to Halloween, Early American settlers, The Pilgrims, they banned the celebration of Halloween in America because of its pagan roots, or “anti-Christian” roots. As a matter of fact, Halloween wasn’t celebrated in America until 1845. 

Get this, in Ireland The Great Potato Famine (WHAT???) Yes, the Great Potato Famine of 1845-46 drove a flood of immigrants to America. They brought with them their version of Halloween. Gradually, celebrating Halloween spread throughout the rest of the country because of what….yes, The Great Potato Famine in Ireland.

The Celtic call this Samhain (Saw win, or Saw ween). They celebrated this time after the harvest because they believed Spirits crossed through the veil of death, and gave their wisdom to the priests. In turn, the priests would pronounce the year ahead and it was a time of (I guess) Prophecy, and announcing the clearing and cleansing of the land, and a time of transformation so that the cycle of death and rebirth may continue to run. If you look into this, it gets weird quickly. All of this is based on ancient witchcraft. There is no doubt in this, it’s very “in your face”. 

Yeah, in Biblical times there were accounts of Jacob, Issac, and Moses, they would show up in the Bible, but not like this! 

Now, I just used some biblical terms but let me go on the record and say I do not believe any of this about Samhain (Saw ween) or Halloween, or however you want to pronounce it. It’s evil, it celebrates evil, it celebrates witchcraft, and it feeds on fear and horror, and I will have nothing to do with it.

Now do I believe that little Timmy is going to go to hell because he wants to dress up for Halloween as Captain America or Thor? No. Do I believe that everyone who decorates their yard is practicing witchcraft and promoting evil? I don’t know, there are some who just want to provide some innocent (to them, innocent) entertainment for the community. If that is their motive, then they may not be aware of the spiritual aspect of what they are doing, what they are inviting in, so, have some grace. Don’t go do more damage to the cause of Christ by spewing religion at people. Give them grace and wait for the appropriate time where it would actually do some good. It may promote some healing. I plan to talk about this next week.

What I am saying is that we need to take our religious hats off and instead of pounding our fist on the table and saying “no I will not participate in Halloween”, do your own research and apply some love for a change. See how this lines up with what you know is true. 

Do you see how people in history have gotten it wrong? The enemy has distorted something that was once special and sacred. 

The same motives of why we celebrate our veterans on Veterans Day and Memorial Day to honor those that sacrificed their lives for our freedom in America, the same motive is why we also need to honor the ones that have come face-to-face with evil and have given their lives just so we can have a Bible that some people don’t take the time to read. THAT is how Halloween got started!

I’ve jabbered long enough on this episode. Here is the undertone of what I want to say here, 

When I really started to find out what my theology was, what I really believed about God, it wasn’t pretty. I thought that because I was born on a celebrated unholy day, that I was somehow evil. There were some things in my life that gave evidence and proof to that. There, my belief system was established.

There is evil out there and it is so subtle we don’t see it, and that is the enemy’s plan. He wants us to think that “this isn’t hurting anything”. We’ll talk about that in a later episode. It creeps in so easily that we don’t notice that it’s there. All I’m asking is pay attention to what influences you, even at the most basic level.

If you had a Maserati, would you put used, burnt motor oil in it? Would you put the cheapest gas in the tank? Of course not. 

You are made the same way. Pay attention to the things that go into you. What you see, what you listen to, how you think. 

If you have asked Jesus into your heart, that exchange has already happened. You are pure. Jesus gave you life, He didn’t just give you life, He gave you HIS life. That means you are pure. You are Holy. See, Jesus didn’t just come to just clean us up and get into Heaven, to give us a boarding pass. He came so that we can live. You are made to have an amazing life. A truly amazing life! Living the Freedom Life is not something that is elusive. 

Who Is Ready for Fall ~ Fireside

A warm yellow glow against my wife’s face, and watching her snuggle into a blanket with a warm drink in her hand… that makes me smile inside and out. You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life Podcast. Today, we are wrapping up our series “Who Is Ready for Fall?” with Episode 65 and we are talking about being Fireside today.

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve spent hours staring into the lapping flames of a fire. It doesn’t matter if it’s in our living room with a fireplace, an outside evening on the patio with the fire pit, or in the middle of a pasture with a twenty-foot bonfire. I think that during Fall and sitting fireside has a lot to teach us about Living the Freedom Life today. 

There’s something about being fireside that soothes the soul and mesmerizes us into deep thought. 

That may be a scary place for some, but God challenges us to go there because He wants to change that, and more importantly, He wants to heal that.

But it starts with an exercise of Stillness. And if I may be so bold, most people don’t have any idea of what that means outside of an intentional vacation. Stillness is something that is smothered with the busyness of life. 

We need something to lure us away from all of our responsibility…and all of the work required for Fall that we talked about a few episodes ago, when we talked about Harvesting.

In Phil 4:8 The Bible says for us to meditate on “whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things”.

Let me ask you, HOW can we expect to meditate on these things when we don’t have time? When we don’t take the time, when we don’t fight for the time, or , to use a biblical term, how do we take dominion over our own time? And yes, if you’ve ever tried to do this, you know that it’s a fight to find time. 

Let’s take some time to point out some benefits of sitting fireside. Let’s look at some ways to invite opportunities to “meditate on these things” as we find in Phillipians.

Sitting in front of a fire watching the flames dance and glow, hearing the little pockets of moisture in the wood burst, while they crack and pop while heat turns them into steam; that lures us into Peacefulness

It seems as though God is providing a distraction and helps us say goodbye to the weight and the stresses of the day. 

Another thing about being fireside is Curling up with a blanket. Or, if you’re like me, I like to sit pretty close to the fire. I know this may seem strange to you, but I like the feel the contrast of heat on one side of my body. We each have our own little ways, but being fireside offers a deeper invitation by providing Comfort.  

Maybe not too often with an inside fire, but many times outside I’ve sacrificed many coathangers and transformed them into the perfect pitchfork for Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and just about anything else that flimsy wire would support over the fire. You may even do what my wife likes to do and curl up with a hot cup of her favorite tea. You see, there are a lot of Treats that can be found while sitting fireside and getting still. By meditating on the things as instructed in Phil 4, I guarantee that you will find things much more valuable than the treats I’ve mentioned.

One last thing I want to point out about sitting fireside before we go, Open Up during the meditation time. 

You see, I also like to read while sitting near a fire. Reading a good book, gaining some new insight, discovering something new and sit to ponder, or meditate on it. That gives “new air” to breathe. What I mean by that is that you open yourself up to receive New vision, you have processing time on the things that affect your soul. 

Remember, God wants to heal you, even if you are in the way of that happening.

Don’t be in the way.

Who Is Ready for Fall? Preparation

Who is ready for fall? If you’re a regular listener, First off thank you. But our regular listeners know by now that fall is my favorite time of year. We’re nearing the end of our current series titled “Who is Ready for Fall”. And this week is Episode 64, we’re talkin about Preparation

We’re not talking about Preparation H, Or buying a bunker in the mountains preparing for the end times. quite frankly, if things are going to get that bad, I don’t want to be here on Earth. I want to be with Jesus by that time. 

This week we’re talking about Preparing during The Fall season. Now depending on where you live, we are in Central/North Texas, there’s not much preparation time that needs to go into our 6 days of chilly weather we have each year. 

But when I was a kid in Tennessee, I remember several hunting seasons being open, cutting fire-wood, and preparing our livestock and Fields for a much colder and harsh environment. 

We had a wood burning heater growing up. Every weekend during Fall we would load the tractor with chain saws and axes. and my dad would often quote Henry Ford when we were cutting fire-wood. “A man who cuts his own wood gets heated by twice.” 

Which means it’s hard work cutting your own fire-wood. Not only would we manage the trees by doing this, but later during the year this also meant bonfires from the brush. That was an added bonus too. Let’s just say, we walked into winter with Sweat Equity. That’s preparing.

I also remember mom trading out our closets from “summer” clothes to “winter” clothes. It was like the Changing of the guard and quite the production. We always had more than one way to keep warm.

Down at the barn, of course bailing hay was an integral part of Fall. We talked about this a couple of weeks ago on our “Harvest” episode. But it was also time to clean out the loft to make room for all of that hay being baled and hauled and lifted, and oh, you get the point. It was a lot of work. But cleaning out the loft was fun. Or, at least we made it fun.  Climbing the ladders, Racing up and down the ramp, jumping off the platform down into a pile of shavings for the stalls. It was fun. 

Today, after our time together, I will probably go out and prepare the pool for winter. There may be school supplies that need to be purchased and uniforms and sports gear. Fall is a busy time of year. 

But instead of going down memory lane, we need to ask ourselves “What can we learn from this?

Change is coming. Now, for some of you that is well welcomed news. You’re ready for a change. The things that you’ve endured have been wearing on you and burnt you to a crisp. And, the change that’s ahead is a welcomed relief. You are ready for a season that doesn’t scorch the earth and everything in it.

For others, change is not so welcome. It’s hard to get excited about the things you see ahead. You’re not exactly looking forward to the bitter cold and you need to prepare for it. Warmth is your security blanket, so to speak. 

Either way, Fall provides us a time to prepare ourselves and prepare our circle of influence for whatever winter plans to offer.

I know that not everyone is like me and I’m not trying to make you like me. I’m a planner.  I am saying that some things will go better for us when we prepare for them, to look ahead, to be aware of the change that is in front of us.

Fear is saying “what if”.

Faith is saying “it shall”.

Fear is saying “what if”. What if something bad happens and I just don’t know what to do. This is walking in a path of not really knowing what God’s will is for your life.

Did you know that’s the number one question most people have? What is God’s will for my life?

Not all of the time, but mostly that is a fear-based question, to some degree. Now, I don’t mean to shame anyone by making that statement. I’ve asked God that very same question. Many times. 

Why do you think it’s the number one question most people have? Because they haven’t prepared to ask the question. 

We’re not just talking about watching a three minute YouTube video on how to do something and then you’re able to do it. Mastering a craft is something that is eroding away in our culture.

We cannot truly prepare out of fear. 

Preparing is not playing out different scenarios in your head of what might happen. That’s still operating out of fear. 

Preparing is not something you do in one action. It’s done over time and it’s more of a mindset. Preparing is done with confidence, it’s done with assertiveness, and most importantly, all of it is encompassed by faith. 

Faith is saying “it shall”. Faith is saying that change is coming, God is Lord of all. We don’t know what is in store for us during this winter season that is coming, but now it is time to LISTEN. Now is the time to listen for that still small voice for instruction. Now is the time for Him to be that “light unto your path”. We ask God to guide us, we ask Him to direct us. How do we do that?

We will not listen to someone we don’t trust. We don’t trust someone we don’t know. And we will not know someone if we don’t spend time with them. 

And the best way to get to know God,. . . is to read His Word. Reading God’s word, getting to know His truth and what He says about you is the most important thing we can do to prepare ourselves for anything,. . . anything that can come against us. No matter how bitter the cold of winter may be, we will be prepared for it because we have the truth set in our hearts. 

So, I will say it again, I have this on a sticky note in front of me.

Preparing is not something you do in one action. It’s done over time and it’s more of a mindset. Preparing is done with confidence, it’s done with assertiveness, and most importantly, all of it is encompassed by faith.

Just like in this season of Fall. We are Cutting Fire-Wood, Prepping for cold and hard times, harsh weather/environments, Dressing warmly with protective coating, Things may not go as expected, We need to be prepared for that. But I think one of the lessons fall has to teach us is that we can be prepared for whatever life can throw at us. 

When we get to know the One who gives us life, He gives us the answers we need in the exact time when we need them. 

When we get to know the one who gives us life, then, we are prepared. 

We have an answer to “what is His will for my life”. Because He is just waiting to spend time with us, so He can guide us into Living the Freedom Life. 

That’s the original plan! It’s not some secret that He wants to keep from you. 

He wants you to know His plan for you. But in order to find it out, we have to spend time with him.

Ep 63 Who Is Ready for Fall? Short Growing Season

In Texas, there are two growing seasons that act as bookends to our extreme heat. Of course the Spring traditionally gives us the more obvious signs of growth, but The Fall, or Latter growing season, even though it’s short, With some careful planning and management, there’s still time for the soil to offer up a little more production for the year. Our job is to be aware and open to it. 

The beginning of Fall is here, If you’re driving right now, look around. You may notice some people’s lawns may still look vibrantly green when everything else is brown from the summer heat. The reason may be that they’ve planted either some type of winter Rye grass or maybe even some oats, something with a little tolerance to cold and has the ability to germinate quickly. It looks amazing and to the trained eye, it’s a special kind of green. 

Once you’ve harvested, like we talked about last week, we are able to see things from a new perspective b/c the fields that were once lush and full of growth are now flattened and barron. There’s nothing but stalks sticking up from the dirt. 

Sometimes when you look at things from a different point of view, you see things differently. You are able to plan for the next year during this time = receiving revelation… if you’re open to it. 

That means we are to keep our ears open, to keep a watchful eye, and to have an open mind. 

So what do we have to learn from this season? 

This “barron-ness” that happens during Fall, right before our eyes, gives us an opportunity to re-evaluate and to take an inventory on 3 things: 

  1. What is bringing us closer to God, And by the way we need to be embracing those things. 
  2. Who He has called us to be, And that may not be playing out like we want it to be. So it brings us to #3. 
  3. What is incrementally luring us away from that.

That means we may need to get rid of some things. 

Some of those things we may be very fond of, they bring us comfort, and sometimes even a little happiness.

It also may mean we need to plant; what seems to be out of season, but it’s not. 

It may mean that this season is offering you “that special kind of green” that you could experience when everyone else is in “hunker down” mode, preparing for something that isn’t here yet.

One of my favorite quotes from Steve Jobs is when he is talking about the very business that you and I know to be Apple. He said “In order for us to continue to be successful, we have to be willing to completely reinvent ourselves at all times.” 

Once you’ve harvested, there is a sense of satisfaction and gratitude. We can easily embrace that, and then ask “what’s next?” indicating that we are never satisfied. 

We have to continually ask “Lord, You orchestrate everything. What are you trying to say to me in this moment?”  

As the “slate is wiped clean” sometimes our challenge is to see things as a new beginning. 

There is a short growing season that is available to you, right in the middle of what looks to be a barron time of year. Just because the leaves are no longer green and they are turning color, that doesn’t mean that we are done growing for the year. It just means that growth doesn’t look the same as it did in the past season.  

His mercies are new every day. Dare to see each day as a new beginning. 

If we begin to see Fall as an opportunity for new and fresh revelation, a season for “a special kind of growth” then before you know it, you will be Living the Freedom Life. Our job is to be open to it.

Who is Ready for Fall? ~ Harvest Time

In our second episode of the series Who is Ready for Fall? We are talking about the most labor-intensive activity of the entire growing season. In farming communities all across the globe and across time, they celebrate this time of year. And yes, if you eat, it affects you too. Today we are talking about Harvest Time. You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life Podcast, episode #62

During Fall, we begin to notice the days are getting shorter. In other words, there’s not as much sunlight as there once was in the summertime. But there’s much more work to be done. Seeing this dilemma, somebody has to do something, right? Follow me on this one.

Daylight saving time really doesn’t help. We are just simply moving numbers around on a clock. I’m talking about the time between sun up and sun down, not what time it is, who cares about that, I just need to see while I’m doing all of this work and the time is getting shorter to get it done. It can be a lot of pressure. I’m from a farming community, my Dad owned a feed store for years, I have some working knowledge about this subject.

With a heavier workload and less time to get it done, that seems like an annual repeat of several chapters in Exodus. You know, where the Hebrews are making bricks for the Egyptians. 

Why would God put us in such a predicament?    Every year?

Why would God provide such a reminder in our lives? Hmmmm.

Just as in many things in life, we can put a lot of work and effort into plowing, sowing, maintaining the care of the crop, but when it comes to Harvest time, a farmer leaves it up to the crop to yield and the mercy of the elements, in whether or not there is a fruitful harvest or not.

In the Bible, even Paul wrote “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gives the increase”. 1 Cor 3  

So, it is safe to say there is more evidence and proof of the provision of God in the Harvest Time, than in any other. 

There’s a lot to be said in the Bible about Harvest Time. Too much to mention here, we just don’t have time. 

There is a process of Harvest Time. Your blackened chicken with rice pilaf served with a side salad just doesn’t happen overnight.

Yes, there is planning, plowing, planting. 

But there is also Reaping, threshing, winnowing, and storing. I’d like to go over each of these so we can gain some understanding and how we can “reap” the benefits of each one.

The first one is Reaping. I know, it’s scary to think of the Grim Reaper here, but it comes from Harvest Time. Reaping means there is a cutting down. It must be done. It is only painful when we think about what is lost. When we think about what is gained, then it evolves into a necessity. Reaping has to be done in order for us to have the nourishment and sustenance intended.

Threshing means to beat or separate the stalks and stems from the grain. With hardship, comes an easy decision making process to find what is useful. If you had hardship in your life, you have an easier decision making process than someone who hasn’t. I believe that God provides that. How many of you have gained deep Insight in your life when going through some of your hardest times? That is what Threshing does and I challenge you today, review some opportunities you’ve had in the past, see what you’ve learned from them and share them, teach them.

Winnowing is a little different. Yes, the wind blows and it separates the grain from the hull and chaff. . .more of a fine sifting happens here. But how often do the winds of change blow and we try to hold onto things we shouldn’t? The old way of winnowing is to toss up the grain in a tray while the blowing wind carries off all that is not useful. It’s quite dramatic, and a beautiful picture that God would take such care in what we consider something to make our daily bread.

Because the next step of the process in Harvesting is Storing. We can’t just leave the good stuff out to rot and waste, for the birds to come along and take it away. We need to put it where we can use it, and use it later. Share it with our family, carry it to our neighbors, reach out to our community. 

Out of all the different directions we could go with today’s topic, I want to share with you one last thought, well, it’s more of a memory than anything.  

Whether we would be Harvesting or just bailing hay, I remember something the old-timers called Lowance time. I remember coming to the barn in between loads, and drinking that cold, well water. It was so refreshing. I also remember me and my friends dunking our heads into the watering trough. But Lowance time was really about refreshment during work. I remember making my mom laugh so hard she would almost drop the lemonade she brought us when we would dunk our heads in the water to cool off.

If today you feel like you have to keep your nose to the grindstone, there are opportunities for you to experience God’s peace and joy.These times are meant to sharpen you. To give you reason to push through. To encourage you so that you understand that you always have more gas in the tank than you think you do. 

Lowance time = is a time of refreshment and strengthening. 

Harvest Time is a Time for hard work, you get to See the evidence of production, you get to have great rest afterwards, with great satisfaction when it’s done.

Who is Ready for Fall? Leaves.

We are starting a new series of Episodes for our Podcast named “Who is ready for Fall?” 

Here in Texas, we’ve had what we would call a mild summer. The heat hasn’t been as bad as it could be. But still, I’m ready for Fall. I’m ready for change. I’m ready for the things that associate themselves with the season of Autumn. That’s a big deal and we are going to be talking about it in our series Who Is Ready for Fall?  You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life, Episode #61 Today we are talking about Leaves.

In our series named Who Is Ready for Fall?, today we’re talking about Leaves.

There are different things that come to mind when people think about fall. Fall colors are usually the first thing most people think about. But did you know that in order to have those rich, full, bright and vibrant colors, previously there has to be wet, muddy, sloppy days of rain? Those trees have to have moisture in their leaves in order for them to turn red, yellow, and sage. 

We normally don’t like rainy days, and here in Texas, we don’t get many, but rain does bring great things later. 

Like Vibrant Colors. A lot of times we just need to stop and look at how beautiful those colors really are. This may be time for us to slow down, and, well, instead of smelling the roses, look at the colors. I remember as a kid in Tennessee, tourism would explode during this time of year for people coming just to see the colors of the trees in the Hills. 

The next thing about Leaves is they make a mess of things. One of the only things I don’t like about having a pool this time of year, is all of the leaves that fall in the water. I have to pay attention to the phosphates they create and then all the science stuff related to that, it can give me hives.  

Other people spend a lot of time raking leaves out of their yard. But even THAT has its benefits. 

And I have learned to make the choice that Cleaning up leaves = mediation on change. That is what I am choosing that time to be. Whenever I’m cleaning up leaves, that means I am to meditate on change. 

We don’t have to set an alarm for 3:30 in the morning to spend time with God. Spending time with God can look a lot like raking leaves or cleaning the pool. He wants to spend time with us, it’s us that doesn’t usually make time for Him. I see this as a great opportunity. 

Another thing about leaves is when I see leaves falling and the bald limbs of the trees = saying goodbye to things. It gives me an opportunity to re-evaluate anything that may be considered as a baggage in my life. I need to let those things go, let them fall away because they no longer bring me nutrients, they no longer serve as a healthy source of life for me. They need to go. They need to be swept aside, bagged up, and put to the curb for rubbish. 

I’ve learned there are a lot of things that leaves can teach us. We need to keep our eyes open for this season in our lives. 

We need to learn to appreciate those vibrant colors. And when those leaves and make a mess, we’re allowed to clean up that mess, we need to learn how to use that as an opportunity to let God speak. Because He didn’t make us to carry around dead baggage. We need to learn to let some things in our life go. When we are able to do that, that’s when we Live Freedom Life. 

I hope this helps you today. Get outside and experience what fall has to offer you today. 

In the meantime, my pool needs cleaning. Until next time, Living the Freedom Life, this is Kyle.