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Everyone needs a Coach

Are you at the level you want to be?

Do you feel “underutilized” in life?

We have proven systems that have taken our clients to their next level in life. 

The short answer is, “because I‘ve been there“. I know how it feels to be empty. And now, I am able to give back; It would be hypocritical if I didn’t.

No one has a perfect life. There is a deep truth to that statement. No matter what stage of life you are in, what sets us apart, are our aspirations and our hope that drives us.

Therapy focuses on the past and why you are the way you are. Coaching focuses on how to utilize today and how will we put that to work for your future. 

Let’s find that hope.

What do you hope in?      What are you hoping for?

At one time, I was at my rock bottom with nowhere to go but go up. My journey showed me the value of true community and investment.

I have first hand experience, certification and a working understanding of pulling out of life’s deep pits and going to the next level.  If you want to know more about my journey, click here.

Today, I do many things, but who I am, is a follower of Jesus. I have found that honesty and willingness is key to changing anything. You already hold the capability of Life Mastery inside you.

We are created in God’s image but we often lose sight of what that means, exactly.

The world has enough information out there on how to lead. Leadership takes hard work but have you ever noticed that the good, healthy leaders make it look easy? Every healthy person has oversight. We don’t need more leadership training, we need to learn how to follow Jesus in a healthy way.

What (or Who) we choose to follow is crucial.  It takes boldness, because in our current culture, “following” someone is not easy to admit or understand. That requires a change in the way you think, it requires a life change. It is possible with coaching, no matter where you are. We offer a first time, free, Initial Coaching Consultation.

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     Time flies, but I have over twenty years of experience.  I founded two non-profits, serve as an ordained Pastor, a Department Director and over nine years ago, I began serving on the Multi-Campus Teaching Team at Gateway Church in Texas.

     God has dramatically changed the way I am and revealed who I am.  I may not fit into the stereotype you may already have in your mind.  A picture is worth a thousand words, only if you know the backstory.

Until All Have Heard,

Kyle McMurray