What’s Next?

The week after Easter. Yes, I am grateful for His resurrection and I’m convinced that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single most important event in history.
That being said, I’m a “Rubber Meets the Road” type of guy, where “The proof is in the puddin” as my Grandad would say.
This week I would like to talk about, well for 40 days after Jesus walked out of the tomb, He spent it with the Disciples. By sticking fingers in His wounds, walking through walls, and assuring some pretty amazed faces that He was indeed, alive.
Along with that, were some residual facts. Like conquering death, overcoming the enemy, Healing, and now…”What’s Next?”
This week, like every week, I would like to talk about the answer to that question. “What’s Next?
You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life, this is episode 91 What’s Next

No Foolin

Happy Calendar Day! Oh, you know today is usually called April Fool’s Day…on April 1st. But are you aware of how this day of expected trickery began? It’s really all about the calendar. We’ll talk about it in just a moment. You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life podcast. Ep 90………..No Foolin’

Pebble in My Shoe

Have you ever had a pebble in your shoe? You know, like a small rock or something hard inside your shoe? It can be really annoying rolling around in there. I mean, you can push through it. You know, mind over matter and all that. But don’t worry, it will still be there later to surprise you. Who wants to take the time, who HAS the time to take off their shoe and take care of a pebble inside? There are times that I’m convinced, I don’t. So, on I go. Walking through my day, with this small rock in my shoe. Jabbing my foot every time I step. Hmmmm.
You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life, Ep 89 “Pebble in My Shoe”.

The Sabbath

I was setting up a new calendar for our Coaching Practice and with all of the options, it asked me if I wanted the first day of the week to be on a Sunday, or Monday.
At first I didn’t think much about it, I’ve just always chosen Sunday. Because of the old calendars that always hung on the wall. But then, as you know me, I started asking questions. . . You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life Ep 88 and today we are talking about The Sabbath.

Are You Good Enough

Okay, before we get started with today’s episode I want to teach you a little something that’s very important to me in my coaching practice.
Point your head, right at your temple. And repeat after me. “This is my thinker. And my thinker is not my knower.”
Now, point at your heart and repeat after me. “This is my knower. And my knower is not my thinker.”
I know it seems elementary but stay with me. Point back to your head, “My thinker tries to be my knower. But my thinker is only my thinker. It’s not my knower.”
Now point to your heart, or your knower, “My knower doesn’t really need my thinker to know. Even when my thinker wants to be right, I still know.”
Now, that little exercise my friends, will come in handy later. It’s okay, You can rewind so your thinker can catch up.

On today’s topic, Do you ever feel like you’re just not good enough? That life requires more than you have. In many areas of my life, I mean, this is real. I feel like I don’t have what it takes, often. Most of the time.
There have been books written about this, and there’s definitely a lot of podcasts on this topic.
But lately I’ve been thinking about this differently. Because not only am I a Certified Life Coach, I am also a client. There are a lot of days where I feel that I don’t measure up.
You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life podcast # 86 and today we’re asking the question, are you good enough.

An Open Hand

I’m a starter. Those of you that know me well, already know that. In my life I have been fortunate enough to have an 50k foot view on some really cool projects. But that also has a dark side to it.
You see, I’m a starter. I get excited about things and I sometimes see a vision clearly. I find it easy to communicate that vision. I’m a communicator and some things just come natural to me. They fall into place easily and that’s exciting, it’s invigorating and some say that I’m a little too intense when those things are working in me.
But what happens when the dust settles? What happens after I follow what is said in Hab 2:2 when the vision is written down and explained and communicated? What then? What happens after it’s started? How do you get past that? I want to share with you a struggle I’ve had for years, and the answer is quite simple. Welcome to Living the Freedom Life This is Episode 85 and today we’ll talk about the solution of walking with an Open Hand.