New Client

Welcome to the boldest step in your journey, your first one. Congratulations!

Please listen to this short clip as it will give you some important steps to begin with Kyle McMurray Coaching.

Whether you choose to have your sessions by phone, video or in person, you will find all the info you need on this page to get started. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Please read our Terms and Conditions below.
Our Terms and Conditions:

By clicking “Accept Terms” when you (the client) schedule any appointment, you are acknowledging that you have read the following and will, in good faith, honor the appointment time (upon approval) requested.

Cancellation or Rescheduling may be made up until 48 hours of the appointment. If within 48 hours, a $30 cancellation fee will be added to the next session. Late fees are subject to be pro-rated at our discretion.

The first session (Initial Consultation) is for discovery and evaluation purposes only. We want to make sure you are a good fit for us as well as insure that we are a good fit for you.

This Initial Consultation is free of charge but you will be asked if you want to move forward. In doing so, you (the client) are responsible for using the provided online scheduling tool to request any future sessions, regardless of payment structure.

When requesting time using the online scheduling tool (below and on your personalized membership page), your session is not yet booked until you receive a confirmation email from our office. Please check your SPAM and Junk filters in your email box. Once approved, you are responsible for that time and fees incurred.

Our mission is to help people. Period. We believe our pricing structure reflects that. However, if your account is not current, unless otherwise negotiated and agreed upon, we cannot book additional time.

You will have your own personalized membership web-page on our site. It will hold your customized approach to your sessions, notes and membership resources which are protected by your login/password that you provide. 

While we do not hold license in Texas, we are compliant to the Texas LPC Code of Ethics by Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

  • All client information is kept on secure and managed servers 
  • Confidentiality is strictly adhered to
  • Professional boundaries established and maintained

If we believe there is an imminent threat to your life or someone else’s, we will contact the appropriate support/authority services. This also includes suspected child/elder/dependent adult abuse.  Most likely none of these issues will arise, but we are required to inform you of such situations where the safety of others, including yourself, will override privacy and anonymity.

Kyle McMurray Coaching reserves the right to refuse services to a client that is non-compliant, disruptive, or not engaging with the session work assigned. Upon termination, a list of referrals will be provided in order to continue their journey. 

Please use the Scheduling tool to request your initial consultation. 
If the time you are requesting doesn’t show, we are either booked or unable to accept new clients during that time. Please choose a different time. 
Please remember, your appointment isn’t scheduled until confirmed by our staff. We will confirm by the email address you provide.

We also have Video Sessions available.

The software we use for our video sessions is called Zoom (free). You can download it by clicking the button here.