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We are not here to talk religion, but we will talk about what it means to have a personal, daily walk with God. Our goal is to not waste your time and be under 5 minutes. Come! Join the discussion.

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What Leader do You Follow?

How do you feel about Church? Now I’m not looking for all the religious reactions here but what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “the gathering of the saints”? For some, it’s not a pretty picture. A lot of people maybe even some of you have been hurt, offended, and quite frankly wounded by people who are supposed to be good christian church people.

I’ve let you know before that I’m involved with a very healthy church. It’s not always been that way. I have been involved with a couple of churches that were, let’s just say unhealthy, not careful with their words, or how they said things, if they communicated at all. They would take scripture out of context and use it to beat someone over the head in order to convince them into doing what is right, or at least get them to do what they wanted them to do. Church is a weird place sometimes. Its ran by humans. Well, the unhealthy ones are.

You see, there are a lot of information out there about leadership and it’s great stuff. We have a plethora of information on how to be a leader. But what about being a follower? I’ve done some research, and I find very little on how to be a follower.

How many of you know of a leader that doesn’t have any accountability?  I know that you can think of at least one. That’s a dangerous person. A leader with no accountability, a leader that doesn’t have to answer to anyone, is a dangerous person. I’ve seen pastors that only have to answer to God, or their version of Him.  Dare I say this, but that’s disturbing.

Who are you following? John Maxwell says that we are a culmination of the top five things that influence us. We follow, whether we realize it or not; And the things in which we follow, form us.

The first instructions that any of the disciples had, the followers of Jesus, we’re two words. Follow me. Were made to be followers. They asked questions, they were teachable and hungry to learn.

Look, if you’ve been hurt by a church, or a church leader, I understand. It’s painful. I’ve gone through it myself.

That is why LFL is here to help correct those things.

Open us up for healing

Sometimes God gets the blame for things that sinful and selfish people inflict on those who come to church.

If that is you,

I’m sorry

God doesn’t want His son or His daughter to be treated that way.

If you’re a parent, you don’t want your child to be treated that way. Of course you don’t. Now God says Revenge belongs to him. So let’s not go down that road. But, if your child is ever hurt, all you want to do is let them know that their loved and get them to a place where they can receive help. That’s our goal. We want to help you get to a place of healing and where you can start to rebuild trusting the Lord.

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