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We Steer Where We Stare

Have you ever heard someone talk about the scripture “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you”? It’s found in Matthew 6:33 The truth behind this is that whatever we focus on, it will organize the rest of our lives. I learned the principle of this in a very unique way through a phrase from my daughter “We steer where we stare”.

This has been many years ago but when our daughter needed to learn how to drive, we signed her up for an online course. It took her through several modules of classroom style learning and afterwards, she would go driving to practice things in that module. Of course there was safety in those modules teaching street signage and vehicle maintenance but then came the module on Blinker Usage, Highway Driving and Road Debris. I’m not sure why they put those three topics together. We live in a metropolitan area so we were able to map out our route so we would have plenty of opportunity to change lanes on the Highway.

We were approaching a three-way interchange in the highway. You could either go left, go straight, or go right and there were only three lanes. Just as this intersection was fast approaching, the people who are changing lanes at the last minute look like a swarm of bees. Our plan was to go straight so we were in the center lane, should be no problem, right?

I’m sheepishly sitting in the passenger seat watching all of this unfold, and in the distance I see something in the middle of our lane. A piece of road debris. As we’re getting closer, it looks like, yes it is, it’s a half of a bumper! How does someone lose only half of their bumper? Aren’t those things made in one big piece? Before I had time to say anything, or give warning, thoughts are already running through my head of us blowing out of front tire and this half of a bumper flipping up coming through the windshield and destruction all around.My mind instantly went to hospital bills and the worst case scenario.

Meanwhile, cool as a cucumber, she says aloud “ we steer where we stare”, put her blinker on, checks her side mirror, and changes lanes smoothly. She wasn’t even able to identify what the road debris was. She didn’t even look at it.

Let’s just say I kept my eye on it the entire time. I was looking for oh Jesus handles and everything. I may or may not have put my foot on the dash.

The next thing I knew, she’s putting her blinker back on, checking her mirror, and changed Back into the  center lane where we should be.

She understood that if she looked at the road debris she would automatically have a tendency to steer the vehicle toward it whether she wanted to or not.

We’ve hit on this subject before, but what are you looking at today? Are you looking at discouragement? Are you looking at reasons why you can’t conquer this certain task? Have you already played out scenarios where it’s not the best outcome? If we have those things in mind, it’s true, we steer where we stare. or as Jesus once said, seek first the kingdom of God, and all of these other things that concern you, will be added to you.

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