With all of the celebration coming up, of us surrounded by holidays, let’s talk about the one that no one admits to celebrating until we don’t have it in our lives. Trash Day! Yeah, Trash Day. 

I know, you may think that I’ve gone off my rocker…When we don’t take out the trash, it doesn’t take long for it to pile up and things get nasty. You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life, ep 70 Happy Trash Day!

I’ve recently seen a lot of evidence supporting Taking out the Trash lately. Just look around, it doesn’t take long for you to see the need to take out the trash.

There’s even a TV show that highlights people that are unable to tell the difference between trash and items that are usable to them. Over time, they collect all of this stuff until there is no room for…well…anything else. 

This is why there is a multi million dollar industry that banks on us having more stuff than sense to get rid of stuff! Some spend hundreds each month on storage they don’t need, on stuff they don’t use. When all we need to do is realize, . . . we need to take out the trash.

Yes, you could argue that Americans generate more trash than any other nation and that is a concerning problem. 

But outside of the political viewpoint of this, let’s look at three things that Trash Day can teach us, if we look harder.

Here are three things:

  1. We are made to be Consumers

Even the Garden of Eden was set up so that we can be consumers. We were told to partake of the garden. 

  1. Which means there will be Waste

Naturally, when you are a consumer that means you “consume” something and  whatever is left over, becomes waste. However, when we are consumers and that’s it, that can be a problem. Which moves us to the next point.

  1. We are made to be Contributors

Let me ask you this, have you ever had restless leg syndrome? Most of that is caused by pent-up energy with nowhere to go. We are made to make a contribution to our circle of influence. A few episodes ago we talked about our circle of influence, everyone has a circle of influence. We are made to be contributors. 

  1. Which means there will be Work

It isn’t always fun, but there will always be work, and a lot of times it’s extremely rewarding. I do not like to go to the gym, but when I go, I find that it is not that bad once I get there. Getting there, showing up, is usually the hard part. Okay, who am I kidding, all of the gym is the hard part, that’s kinda the point. But the reward we get from it, I have found this to be a common avenue for God to transport His blessings to us, is through work. Maybe we’ll get into this topic on a later episode. There’s a lot to say about that, so for now I’ll just put it in our third point. 

  1. We are made to be Conquerors

That’s right, not to sound like a DJ Khaled song, but we were intended to experience, personally, conquering things. Bragging and gloating means something entirely different, and that’s not what we’re discussing right now. That reveals something else in your heart that we can discuss later. But I’m talking about things that conquer you. and this happens to everyone. We are made to conquer those things, no matter what they are. We are made to be conquerors. 

  1. Which means there will be Winners

And simply put, that’s you. Jesus is sitting on the edge of his throne just waiting for this to become truth between your ears. 

But, we all have to start somewhere. And for some, that beginning may mean taking out the trash, in one area or another. It may be extreme for you to do that, it may feel like you are losing a lot. But you will gain so much more. 

For all of us, If we don’t maintain the trash in our lives, things will get cluttered and hinder the rest of what we explained. It will hinder us being the Conqueror that we were made to be.

We can help.

These are the reasons I’m so passionate about Coaching. I had an example this week, that I can’t coach myself. That’s a hard truth. But, I can’t coach myself. 

It’s like me standing up, reaching down to my feet and trying to pick myself up off the floor. It can’t happen. 

I have coaches in my life. And that’s what we offer others at Kyle McMurray Coaching. 

We want to help. We appreciate you listening today, thank you for letting us come into your life, into your routine. It means a lot to us.

Until next week, Living the Freedom Life, this is Kyle.