I just found out that this broadcast goes further than I expected, Living the Freedom Life isn’t just in the United States. I want to say welcome to our listeners that are abroad. 

Zech 4:10 says “Don’t despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin. 

It doesn’t matter where you are or where you stand on political issues, here in the states, this Wednesday we will celebrate Veterans Day, the people who served our nation and preserved our freedom. That’s what we are talking about this week on Living the Freedom Life.

We may have our problems and issues as a Nation, but our everyday freedom, is only afforded to us by people we should celebrate next Wednesday on Veterans Day. 

You don’t have to think very long to find someone you know who has served our country. Please, make sure and thank them for your Freedom. 

Even if you don’t know them, especially if you don’t know them, this wednesday, walk up to someone that you recognise as a verteran and Genuinely thank them for serving you and securing your freedom that I hope you exercise in our nation. 

I was watching a recruiting video the other day and it was introducing a new branch of our Military. You may already know about this. It said due to a shift in the security environment in space, it’s validating the nation’s newest branch of the military, The United States Space Force. Touting their Motto, Semper Supra (Always Above) 

They conclude that “The sky is not the limit”. I looked at some videos explaining what their cause and mission is. You can see them too.


They are not only focusing on space exploration, and emulating what you may have seen in a movie or TV show. They are starting out, well, according to the scale of things, they are starting out… small

They introduced and addressed the need for our immediate atmosphere and the security of it. Everything that we do depends on satellite connectivity. The Space Force will begin their focus on the importance of keeping that Network stable, secure and safe. 

Think about this. We’re only one generation removed from people not knowing how to even turn on a computer, much less care to depend on it. Now I don’t have to explain to you how important our devices are today. The DSM 5 even explains that our attention toward our devices are far excessive and cause other, peripheral behavioral issues.

Cyber attacks and data manipulation are probably some of the greatest threats to our nation in this day and age. These networks not only give us the capability to say hello to Aunt Edna up in Jackson, Wyoming, but it controls our fuel, food, traffic, Commerce, any type of financial need… and that is just a personal level. Think about on a National scale. Not just civilians, but the welfare of our nation would be at risk if anything happened. 

We would have to be agile enough to revert back to some technologies and Military tactics that are fading away if we don’t get ahead of this growing need of “Orbital Security” we will have to face it in catastrophe. I don’t know if that’s what they call it, I just made up the term Orbital Security. But you know what I mean.

Something as small as a quarter, that is floating in our atmosphere at 19 miles a second, that’s 67 thousand miles an hour, could now be a weapon that could take out an entire satellite, supplying data to an entire region. Affecting millions!

That’s a pretty big deal and it needs protecting. I don’t know about you, but not everyone can go up into space. It takes a lot of training, I mean everyone’s seen the movie The Right Stuff, So they already have recruitment and boot camps active with leadership in place. They are ready to go.

Well, do you think I’ve gotten off track from talking about celebrating Veterans Day? No, I haven’t at all. I’ve been in fact explaining the importance of Veterans Day all along. 

Veterans, I hope I don’t offend any of you here. You see, a lot of people think Veterans Day is all about old people. Honoring those who served in Wars that we read about in history books. That’s not accurate at all.

 As a civilian, there are things on a global scale that go on daily that we don’t know about, that I don’t want to know about, because I can’t do anything about those issues. 

But they still need to be taken care of or my personal space that I enjoy, will be, well let’s just say it will be disrupted. That needs to be protected. That is personal freedom. That is Living the Freedom Life. 

Veterans Day is not some archaic holiday, honoring old people wearing hats with ships and planes on them. Because, in their prime, those old people were, well, you wouldn’t want to mess with them.

Veterans risked their lives, gave up their lives, and they do not need to be forgotten. We need to thank them.

Let me put it this way, to the amount that we are able to show appreciation to our Veterans on this day, Look at how we show Jesus our gratitude that He gave HIS life for us. 

I’m not trying to throw guilt on anyone. I’ve got news for you, ALL of us fall short of this. Everyone. 

All we can do is live the life worthy of His death. He died a death that we don’t have to. He gave up His life and now it is our responsibility to live the life He was supposed to live here on Earth.

Veterans Day is a wake up call for us to see that there are everyday Freedoms that we have that cost someone their life. Now it is our duty, it is our responsibility to live a life worthy of someone laying down their life. Go, live a life that will make that person who is now in eternity, make that person proud of how they see you live. I pray they are able to say “Now THAT is why I did what I did and it was worth the sacrifice.” I hope that Jesus will speak those words over you one day when He says “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Mt 25:23).

Until next time, Living the Freedom Life, this is Kyle