Episode 94

Our perspective on things and the world around us is crucial. The way we see things sets the stage on how we make choices. Our choices are what assist in what we call “Life navigation”. Our choices steer us in one direction or another. So, whether we see the glass as half full or half empty is a pretty big deal. You would think. 

Well, I’ve never been accused as being normal. So, let me challenge you to look at this a little differently today. And it might change the way you see your day to day life. Because that is what we are about. You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life podcast, and today we are talking about the Glass being Half What.

This statement is usually used as a litmus test to reveal a person’s worldview. A worldview is a person’s philosophy of life or how they perceive and conceive the world around them. That worldview shapes how they see things, how they think and how they react or respond to the world around them. You’ve heard me say this before but “The way we see things shapes everything that follows”. 

So the question “Do you see the glass half full or half empty?” is a question that can answer a lot about a person’s perspective on a certain situation and the way we perceive the world around us. It also can reveal a moment of opportunity or trouble. But not every “situation” has such a potentially polarized view. Not every situation has two sides. Sometimes they have more than that. In fact, this “philosophy” flies in the face against following Christ and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  

Half empty/Full Link 

It’s time to stop thinking about whether the glass is half full or empty. What we need to remember is the glass is refillable. Daily.

Now as much as I want to, I can’t change the fact that some days, some situations are not going to be all that great. They are not going to be “Half Full”. Sometimes the glass is half empty and like the infamous Walter Cronkite would say, “and that is the way it is”. 

On the other hand, there are some days that are completely awesome and worth celebrating. And they are definitely “Half Full”.

But what that does, is it conditions us or trains us into being dependent on our surroundings for happiness, comfort, and peace. While we are listening to a podcast, it’s easy to know that, but in those crucial milliseconds it takes to react, everything is different. 

So, what’s the solution? Well, I’m glad you asked.   

We are to realize that the glass is refillable. In other words, we need to see that “this too shall pass”. That the circumstances are temporary and will not last. It will pass. Just like our emotions. Any emotion will only last about 20-60 min. Past that, it is our character, who we are at our core that will come to the surface. 

To remedy that, we need to pour into ourselves, so to speak, every day. So we are not anchored in what is in our glass. It doesn’t dictate how we interact. 

Each day, the bible tells us that we should be poured into.

Psalm 9:10, Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.

Lamentations 3:25, The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him;

Proverbs 8:17,  I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me.

Hebrews 11:6, And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

Matthew 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 

By doing this, we are “the vessels” being poured into each day. If we say that we trust and He supplies our every need, then we need to be at a place where we know that whatever IS in our glass, it’s enough. 

When we pour out what is in our glass to serve others, to serve the Kingdom of God, then; that requires us to go back and ask Him to fill us again. Daily. That is how it worked in the Garden. Whether you are talking about the Garden where Jesus was asking the Father, or Adam and Eve. 

That’s the model, and that’s the original design. That,…is Living the Freedom Life. 

Remember, we give away what we have, Let’s make sure we receive life. Daily. 

Living the Freedom Life, this is Kyle