Episode 95

Today is an extremely special day in the McMurray household. There will be consequences for me later, but I just can’t help myself. I have a story to tell. It is a foundational part of my personal Freedom Journey and I want to share it with you today. It has a lot to do with this song. You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life Podcast and this is Ep 95, Love Struck.

This week in history poses quite a supposed coincidence of two separate events that may have something to do with one another. 

The year was 1945 and WW2 ended on May 6th by Germany surrendering to the Allied forces. The Axis had fallen. On an entirely different continent, here in the U.S. on the very same day, Chuck Norris was born. 

Causation or Coincidence? I will let you be the judge of that. 

Is it a history lesson or just a bad Dad joke that’s today’s topic? No. Neither. Something way more important to me. 

You see, several years ago, I was coming out of a life shattering season in my life. One where few recover from. In that pit of life, I found Jesus. Yes! I actually found Him. I mean, He was there the entire time, I just didn’t, I couldn’t, and I refused to see Him. I spent a life thus far, not being able to see, I was blind…and then all of a sudden, I could see Him!

Now it wasn’t a light flashing,  there wasn’t thunder clapping and a strike of lightning, so to speak. The change wasn’t sudden…it was more of a slooooope. It took a while for the rest of me to catch up to what He had changed in my heart. I was made new.

But I could tell I was missing something. Something that everyone was talking about. In fact, I was talking about it a couple of weeks ago. Love. 

Yeah, I felt God’s love, I knew that Jesus is in my heart, living in me, I was dead, and now He gave me life, a new life. That was clear not only to me but especially to those who knew me. But deep inside, I was getting to the point that I knew I needed something. That something that was missing, was growing more and more, it held more weight than ever before. It had been there before, but even THAT was different now. 

You see, I needed “Jesus with skin on”. I needed some human interaction, to give me more tangible evidence. 

Then, there came a day where The Lord said, “Yeah, here you go.” As He guides me in my path through life, one day, He was having me take out the trash in a recording studio I was working in. And then I saw her. I met Tammy.

And THAT is when The Lord began loving on me in a way I had never experienced before. My life’s song began to change and really take shape, and have meaning.

The bad in me (it wouldn’t take long to find a LOT of bad) but the bad in me, not only does she choose not to focus on, but she chooses love, which is enough to align me back to where I need to be.

God shows me how He loves me in so many ways through her. She is my living translation of the Bible. She is the living word to me. She is Jesus with skin on. The voice of the Holy Spirit sounds a lot like my wife. 

And today, a day which she may not be too happy with me for informing you about, is her birthday. 

If you have had The Lord show YOU love by guiding your path to know her, please celebrate with me on her birthday today. 

The Lord has used her in amazing ways to introduce Himself to me deeper. 

I’ve learned that she hears His voice quicker than I do. 

I’ve learned that she receives guidance from His hand easier than I do. 

I’ve learned that she senses Him to be nearer and in the room more suddenly than I do.

I’ve learned that she is quicker to ignore herself and think of others than I am.

I’ve learned that she forgets more completely when she is offended than I do.

I’ve learned that she follows her leader more obediently than I do.

Not only teaching me about my relationship with the Trinity of God, but how to lead, how to be a Husband, how to be a Father and how to guide others.  

The Lord has given me much more than “a helpmate” in life when He joined me and Tammy. 

Live the Freedom Life? Yes, I do. Firmly. And it’s because God loves me enough to tenderize my heart through the struggle of a relationship that I would die for. 

If you are fighting back tears like I am in this moment, Go tell that someone you love them. 

Don’t wait until their birthday. 

Grow your relationship everyday. 

Don’t wait until the calendar tells you to.

This is a crucial Cornerstone in Living the Freedom Life.

Thank you for letting me take this episode to celebrate her.  

Bebe, Happy birthday, Me is You”. 

Living the Freedom Life, This is Kyle