Half What?

Our perspective on things and the world around us is crucial. The way we see things sets the stage on how we make choices. Our choices are what assist in what we call “Life navigation”. Our choices steer us in one direction or another. So, whether we see the glass as half full or half empty is a pretty big deal. You would think.
Well, I’ve never been accused as being normal. So, let me challenge you to look at this a little differently today. And it might change the way you see your day to day life. Because that is what we are about. You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life podcast, and today we are talking about the Glass being Half What.

Living the Freedom Life-Audio Podcast Pilot Episode

We are not here to talk religion, but we will talk about what it means to have a personal, daily walk with God. Our goal is to not waste your time and be under 5 minutes. Come! Join the discussion.

The way we see

Have you ever been dumped?  I have.  At the time, it broke my young, naive heart.  What happened? What did I do? We could go down the path of trying to figure out what was the offense and in most cases that would be healthy. Maybe that will be for another post. Instead of casting blame on […]