Not everyone understands the concept of Biblical Life coaching and that’s okay.  Biblical Life Coaching is a relatively new field still working out its professional identity.  As such, there is no formal definition as to what a Christian life coach does.  However, like a coach at a gym, we work with people who may have specific goals or who is going through a particular change or struggle in life and see the importance of sound biblical guidance through such a season.  Just as a personal trainer may help a client with a fitness goal, Biblical Life coaches can also help clients who feel stuck and in need of a new direction.  They may specialize in relational difficulties and help clients overcome personal issues or reach personal goals in a new direction.  In essence, a Biblical Life coach is someone who walks alongside the person for a season of life and coaches him or her through that season.  The cost involved with Biblical Life coaching is more affordable to a wider variety of clientele. If you or someone you know is in need of a Biblical Life Coach, please connect with us here and we will have someone contact you soon.

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