I began writing a memoir book at the end of April. I gathered two people who helped me build an outline to follow and off I went! I can say that writing isn’t the hard part. The process by which your content comes is the more difficult thing to face. God’s desire is to heal us. God also has intent when He heals.
I was following the book outline and when I would write things that didn’t fit or follow that outline, I would put it into another document. That kept happening so frequently that I noticed a pattern. That pattern brings us to what will soon be published as “The Dominion of Anger”.

Here is the summary:
The Dominion of Anger is designed to give a biblical view of how to make the transition from being internally dominated by anger and moving toward understanding that we are designed to take dominion over anger. We are designed to use anger as an internal tool to reveal things about our alignment. God is a triune being. God the Son, God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit. We are made after His image, having three parts as well. The Dominion of Anger goes into detail of how we are made in His image and looks at how we can get out of alignment to our original design. The DoA offers a study guide at the end of each chapter and encourages the reader to put a Life Team together. There is a section in the back for the Life Team Member to have a Dominion of Anger Map. The Map is designed to coach the Life Team Member along while facilitating individual meetings or group.


Please let me know what your thoughts are. I would appreciate honest feedback.

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