When we started this podcast,we had one thing in mind, helping people.
Living the Freedom Life Podcast is an introductory product of our Certified Coaching Practice found at I am not considered a psychotherapist, but we do offer help through certified online Coaching sessions. We talk about where you are right now and where you want to be. We help you get there.
Our price-point is at or below most insurance co-pays. We’re affordable. Bottom line, we want to help people. This is not about money or being salesy about Coaching. We don’t train other Coaches or sell a Coaching program like most others do. We don’t herd people through some cookie cutter program. You are an individual, and our approach is the same in your journey. We put together a unique approach for every client.
We have some amazing clients, we have a great team and we have an easy onboarding process that gets all the office stuff taken care of.

We just want to help people who have an interest in being better than yesterday. And because you are here, that means you’re one too.
Welcome to Living the Freedom Life Podcast, this is episode 100. Today, I’m just Grateful.