When we started this podcast, we had one thing in mind, helping people. 

Living the Freedom Life Podcast is an introductory product of our Certified Coaching Practice found at KyleMcMurray.com. I am not considered a psychotherapist, but we do offer help through certified online Coaching sessions. We talk about where you are right now and where you want to be. We help you get there. 

Our price-point is at or below most insurance co-pays. We’re affordable. Bottom line, we want to help people. This is not about money or being salesy about Coaching. We don’t train other Coaches or sell a Coaching program like most others do. We don’t herd people through some cookie cutter program. You are an individual, and our approach is the same in your journey. We put together a unique approach for every client. 

We have some amazing clients, we have a great team and we have an easy onboarding process that gets all the office stuff taken care of. 

We just want to help people who have an interest in being better than yesterday. And because you are here, that means you’re one too.  

Welcome to Living the Freedom Life Podcast, this is episode 100. Today, I’m just Grateful.

Sometimes, when I take the time to think about, to really slow down enough to think about all the things in my life where I should be dead, I should be alone, and I should be in some kind of room, away from society, I get overwhelmed with Gratitude. You see, God has been extremely patient with me. He’s been kind, and despite my imaginations about Him, He’s been gentle. 

Oh yeah, there are plenty of examples I have, not just circumstantial, but I have plenty of life experiences where I could point an angry finger at God and ask “Why did You do this?”. There are plenty of places where I could be angry with God. But, I find that I’m just Grateful towards Him. 

I’m sure you could say the same. There were probably many times in your life where things just turned out crummy, horrible, or you were devastated. Sometimes life is HARD. Whether or not they were really caused by your choices or not, we have a tendency to look at God with the stink eye, not even take the time to ask questions, and accuse The Almighty that Loves us more than we can comprehend.

That is when He shows us that He is patient. There is where He sits and waits for us. Not constantly looking up the road, waiting to see us coming back on the horizon like the Prodigal. I’ve experienced it more that He is simply being patient and waiting. He already knows how this will go. He doesn’t need to show us His power in that moment, He just sits and waits for us and then He calmly and steadily and firmly picks us up where we left off.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had this scenario play out many times in my life. God has been so kind, and I’m more specifically talking about The Father here. 

He has been so patient with me and this constant has attracted me back, to want to sit deeper into His lap, to run faster and harder, only to turn my head and see Him running with me, just a few steps ahead of me, encouraging me, laughing WITH me and still challenging me in a fun way to go farther.

I’ve now had to record this several times because I get overwhelmed at how grateful I am. I’m grateful for you, our listeners. I’m not sure where you are or really how you found us, but WOW! Y’all are amazing. I am grateful that you take 10 minutes out of your week and listen to this podcast. 

I am grateful that you include us in your journey to become the person God had in His mind when He created you. 

You see, being grateful in life is a very special thing. It’s much more than saying “thank you”. It’s much broader than replying from a kind gesture or a gift. Gratitude is a tool for not just happiness, but the ability to retain Joy. It’s not innate. In other words, we don’t automatically know that we need to be grateful. It’s not human nature, but it is in us, it’s available to us. But we have to choose it. 

I’m not talking about being fake by choosing gratitude. 

Gratitude is not emotional based. Genuine gratitude churns UP emotion. In reverse, emotions may assist in constructing Gratitude. We can go to the old causality question “which comes first?”, the chicken or the egg, Emotions or Gratitude, but I will say that if you are faking happiness when you are attempting to be grateful, let’s make sure that your happiness is genuine or your gratitude doesn’t stand a chance. We have to learn the art of choosing gratitude.  

There are benefits in choosing to be grateful. Practicing gratitude will transform the way you think and feel. People who are skilled at choosing to be grateful have better success in relationships, are more optimistic, able to be more helpful, energetic, and to be more hopeful in difficult situations. The more a person is able to choose gratitude, the less likely they are to experience depression, anxiety, loneliness, and jealousy, AND the more likely they are to experience a greater self worth, have more confidence and be able to express themselves in a healthy way.

Most of us have a tendency to focus on the negative and my topic today may seem like an impossible thing to choose gratitude, but I need you to try. We need you to try. The world needs you to try. You see, you are valuable. I know you’ve heard me say that everyone needs a coach and that we are made for community. Well, that includes you. Our community needs you. We need your skills, your talents and your personality. 

What I mean by that is we will be missing out on something pretty important if you don’t. The world is missing out. God orchestrates the world and it’s people as a symphony. If one instrument plays a sour note, well, think about how the piece of music will sound if more people play sour notes. Like I said, we need more people like you. 

We need more people Living the Freedom Life. I hope that something you’ve heard today encourages you. I hope that you’ve heard something today that empowers you to be grateful for some things in your life. 

If you are, let me challenge you to express it. Let someone know how they have impacted your life today. Let them know how grateful you are toward their kindness and patience. Yeah, I guarantee that you will make their day. But I also guarantee that you will have a better day too. You will reap benefits from it as well. 

Being grateful is proactive to Living the Freedom Life. Gratefulness is not always reactive because something good has happened. It’s also proactive in travelling towards a greater life. 

We are out of time today, but thank you for the past 100 episodes. This is so much fun interacting with you. We will see you next week. Until next time, Living the Freedom Life, this is Kyle.