Are You Good Enough

Okay, before we get started with today’s episode I want to teach you a little something that’s very important to me in my coaching practice.
Point your head, right at your temple. And repeat after me. “This is my thinker. And my thinker is not my knower.”
Now, point at your heart and repeat after me. “This is my knower. And my knower is not my thinker.”
I know it seems elementary but stay with me. Point back to your head, “My thinker tries to be my knower. But my thinker is only my thinker. It’s not my knower.”
Now point to your heart, or your knower, “My knower doesn’t really need my thinker to know. Even when my thinker wants to be right, I still know.”
Now, that little exercise my friends, will come in handy later. It’s okay, You can rewind so your thinker can catch up.

On today’s topic, Do you ever feel like you’re just not good enough? That life requires more than you have. In many areas of my life, I mean, this is real. I feel like I don’t have what it takes, often. Most of the time.
There have been books written about this, and there’s definitely a lot of podcasts on this topic.
But lately I’ve been thinking about this differently. Because not only am I a Certified Life Coach, I am also a client. There are a lot of days where I feel that I don’t measure up.
You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life podcast # 86 and today we’re asking the question, are you good enough.