Let’s see, we have Fall, Pre-Winter, then we have a little bit more Fall, so we can move into Official Winter. Get ready for the weather confusion.

For Thanksgiving we were in Nashville, which is a little colder than what we’re used to in Texas. They actually got snow. Of which, I’m a little jealous. 

At home, we have a lot of plants that can’t survive a freeze. So when I woke up one morning and they were all brown, it was actually comforting. The first freeze is crucial for me to feel that “Complete Fall” is here. Because, as many of you know, I love fall. 

You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life, and today we’re talking about Complete Fall. 

I love Fall. If you’re a regular listener, that’s no secret. But we recently experienced our first freeze of the year, well, here in Texas, and that teaches us some things. 

Not very many things can survive a freeze. I know there are perennials, plants that come back each year, But even if we’re talking about those pesky mosquitoes, A good freeze will drive them down into the mud to keep warm. And kill the rest. 

I began to think about this, in Biblical times the Children of Israel were instructed many times to completely annihilate everyone and everything when they were going to the Promised Land, leaving no influence of what once was, in order to move into the future. 

There were a couple of accounts where they were instructed to kill the cattle, goats even the Bulls of the herds. And what does that mean? Think about it, if you kill the Bull of the herd, that means that there will be no Prospect of the Next Generation. I know, it sounds extreme. But it’s really, to protect us.

Look, if you’ve ever been in a position where you had no control over doing destructive things in your life, then you will understand what I’m about to share with you. In other words, if you ever had any type of addiction, you’ll understand this. 

The Hethite, Amorite, Canaanite, Hivite, and Jebusite, Perizzite, all of those “ite” people, well, God instructed for them to all be destroyed, completely wiped out. Why? Because they weren’t God’s people, and they didn’t WANT to be either. 

Look just because gravity is there, you don’t have to believe in it. It doesn’t change the fact that gravity is still there and true. 

God instructed the children of Israel to completely destroy them because of their influence. 

If you’re an alcoholic and alcohol has destroyed your life, why would you go to a bar? Why would you go inside a liquor store?  Exactly my point. Because of the influence that atmosphere has.

I’m going to get a little personal with you here. I had a lust for the country music industry. I spent a lot of years in Nashville. To some extent, I had some success. But it didn’t come without a cost. That lust drove me to use drugs every day, and it destroyed a life I once knew. It destroyed opportunities, it destroyed a belief in myself, and it also established some beliefs about myself too. 

So, there was a time in my life where I completely annihilated every source of influence that the Country Music Industry had on my life. It was extreme, but it had to be. It was necessary. When I think of that time in my life, there were some good things, there are fond memories and great friends. But a complete Annihilation was necessary for me to survive that season of life, if you want to call it a life. 

That is truly bittersweet. But necessary.

I’ve made several recent trips to Nashville, but for completely different reasons. A lot has changed but the atmosphere is still the same. The principles are still at work and now I know how to wield my sword. I know how to draw boundaries. I have experience in annihilation. 

So, now you have a little bit more insight on what the first freeze of fall means to me. 

I welcome it. Because no fall is complete without the first freeze. You can’t move forward until that happens. 

First, let me say, There’s a calling on your life. What that means is, when God created you, he had something in mind. That is a calling on your life. That’s what that means. 

So, now I ask you, What is it in your life that is standing in the way of the calling on your life, and what do you need to annihilate?

I have the privilege of helping people do this. At Kyle McMurray coaching, this is what we do. We help people walk through this very season in life. It’s a complete honor because I’m, thankfully, shown the victory before it happens. 

If you’re wanting to see victory in your life, reach out to us. Pretty soon you’ll be living the freedom life. If you’re walking through something like this, we would love to help.