You probably learned this in Basic Biology Class but what is the biggest organ that you have? And probably the most important one? That’s right, your skin.

Show Notes:

In the Bible, 1 Corinthians 12:27 tells us that We are the body of Christ. It goes on and talks about the different parts of the body and asking the question is the ear more important than the nose or the eye than the mouth. Well, if the skin holds all of this stuff together while we are on this Earth and inside of this meat sack, Scripture says that we are the body of Christ. 

What does this have to do with one another?

Listen more and find out.

Isaiah 58:6-11 

God does not want you to just manage your emotions, He wants you to be totally free from them controlling you. That doesn’t mean that your emotions aren’t there for a reason, they serve a purpose. But our brain is horrible at interpreting our emotions.

Here are seven things that will happen when you start to serve others around you.

  1. It will help you to get your attention off of your own problems. Sometimes we get in such a hole that we can’t see anything else, or find the way out. Helping others works to break this cycle, and opens our vision. It gives perspective, shows that your problems are not insurmountable.
  2. In helping to heal other’s wounds, yours will heal much quicker. The love and compassion you show to others in your time of pain will come back to you in healing and joy.
  3. Helping others will once again reveal your true self worth. It will show you that you do have value and that you can make a difference. We all seek this; We all need it; it was planted in our hearts by God. Remember our tag line “We give away what we have, let’s make sure we receive life.”
  4. The appreciation you will feel from those you help, will bring joy and fulfillment to your heart. Our hearts long for fulfillment and only by serving can we best find it.
  5. You will find that you aren’t the only one with problems. We know this intellectually, but seeing it first hand is healing. Receive healing, as you work to heal others. Do something; get out. Which brings us to number six. 
  6. You’re probably going to get some exercise out of it. Exercise releases endorphins, along with that you will receive healing. God made our body exceptionally good at healing. 
  7. The ‘feeling’ you get from easing someone else’s pain and stress, sometimes called “helper’s high”, can give you a mood boost. When our mood is better, that means our thoughts are too. And some of you veterans know that when we are thinking better our moods are better and then our decisions will be better. 

I hope this will help you today. Remember, In order to sometimes experience God’s skin, you have to go out there and be God’s skin.