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Most people have some things in common and we don’t take the time to realize it. Emotions. How we feel, and the fact that we want to feel better. You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life, Ep 57 #1 in our series called Chasing Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy. Even if there is someone who says they don’t, they have resolved to bitterness and believe that happiness is too elusive. All of us want to be happy.

What does it mean to be happy? I ask my clients that all the time. 

Their answers range from being thin, having more time, better income, different place to live than where I am now…There is no end to the answers here. 

If given a choice, we want to feel happy all the time.

We can’t. Oh the beauty of contrast. 

Most people believe that Happiness is something that comes upon us. 

We refer to emotions that are something outside of us. 

He made me angry, I am sad because that happened. We believe the same thing about happiness. (That’s why we Buy things, how many friends we have or even who we are friends with, car, etc.) 

The advertising industry banks on this one belief and they know how to cater to it.

We have to go back to the basics. What does it mean to be happy? Dare to ask these questions.

Once you are “there” once you feel happy, how long does the feeling of “happy” last? What does it mean, what does it take for you to be happy?

What if someone else has what you think will make you happy? What if they attained this outside source of happiness? “But I don’t have it, so I am unhappy.” They don’t know, they don’t realize, because they have it.

You will not find happiness while chasing it. It will always be elusive.~ KM Coaching

A temporary shot of adrenaline is often confused with Happiness. Just like a football player gets a cortisone shot, it is often confused with healing. It’s temporary. He has the potential to go out there and wound himself more. That may be for another episode, but you get the gist of our emotions bening temporary. None of our emotions last. Why do we expect Happiness to make this drastic change in our lives?

The only reason we desire “things” or “goals” is the belief of how we will feel after we attain it.

True question is “How will we feel after attaining the goal?” We have to look at the honest answer to that question.

What will be different when you achieve the goal? Take some time to honestly look at what will be different.

What will be the same when you achieve the goal? This is something that may be obvious on the surface, but dare to dig deeper on this one. What will be the same, really?

Warning: How we feel can tell us who we are. That is the underlying danger and we often believe it because it plays with our logic. Our mind follows the logical path and come to the conclusion that “this is who I am”, or “I must be this type of person because I’m feeling this….”.

Then we ask….

What do you want to feel? “Well, I want to feel happy

What would provide that for you? 

All of our emotions are created in our thought process and how we see the world around us. 

“LOC”  How we see and perceive the world around us is one of the most important things we can learn and activate in our lives. 

If you want to learn more about how, connect with us. We would love to help in any way we can. That’s what we do. We connect people with who they were made to be. You wouldn’t use a Mazeratti to haul fire wood, would you? No, that’s not what it’s made for. You were made with a purpose in mind. We want to help find that purpose and let God breathe life into it. That is what we mean when we say Living the Freedom Life.