Episode 43 What Are You Thinking?

This week we continue our series “A Toddler with a Machete” but we want to help walk you through one of our exercises. Listen as we discover how.

Episode 38 A Toddler Running with a Machete

This week on LFL we talk about an upcoming eBook “The Power of 4 Questions, How to Tame a Toddler Running with a Machete”

Episode 32 Axes and Lumberjacks

How do you keep your axe sharp?

Episode 28 Guest Brady Daniel

Here are some helpful links from this episode. Brady Daniel’s Counseling Practice: https://www.numadfw.com/ Brady’s Book “Healing the Broken Heart”: https://www.numadfw.com/shop/healing-the-broken-heart Kyle McMurray Coaching: https://www.kylemcmurray.com/coaching/

Episode 25 More

There is nothing that satisfies the request of more, than more. There is a deep resonating feeling when we hear that iconic “I can’t get no, satisfaction” tune. Come find out more about how we can get satisfaction.

Episode 23 The Foggy Entitlement Breakdown

Flatt & Scruggs: Foggy Mountain Breakdown