Episode 76

This isn’t going to be your typical Christmas post. 

You may have seen videos about today’s topic, you may have experienced this yourself and watched it happen. You may have even thought this yourself. 

Picture this, it’s Christmas morning, you can tell without going outside, it’s cold, there are still hot coals in the fireplace, you stoke it a couple of times and it comes back to life again, you begin to feel its warmth, the Tree is lit and coffee is brewing. The time is finally here, to sit around the tree and open presents. 

You are about to hear the distinct sound of wrapping paper being torn open. There is so much excitement in the room, the kids can’t keep still. They are squirming and about to explode out of their skin. They tear open paper and boxes like they are trying to save someone’s life that’s stuck inside.. . . and then, their shoulders drop. They look up slowly, …“You got me, What?”… 

You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life. Ep 76 Our title today, First off, Merry Christmas everyone. Our title today is “You Got Me, What?”

The title says it all. I wouldn’t think any of YOU would actually say it out loud, especially on Christmas Morning, but have you ever just wanted to ask “You got me, What?

Of course you have. . . more recent that you think too. 

I know, it seems such an ungrateful thing. But let me explain.

It seems like we are asking God the same thing too, when we look at this past year, 2020.

Remember? The anticipation of perfect vision for our future. Some people had “A Roaring 20’s” party to usher in the new decade, which, last millenia, was a time of great excess and lavishness, only for the pandemic to leave us lean, in some ways, and heavy in others for that matter. 

2020 wasn’t what we expected and we were left with asking God “You got me, What?” 

This was not what I expected this year to look like. Time is a precious gift, we don’t get it back and this is how we are to spend it?

Watching local businesses get crushed and brushed aside over government mandates and at the same time, watching corporate businesses thrive over the same thing. 

The fear of losing a loved one, drives us to wear a mask for so long that we’ve forgotten how much we depend on others’ facial expressions. Then you have people who are upset that we are still wearing them. Upset at those who don’t. Social distancing is a joke, No matter if you are an introvert or extrovert. We’ve even got people who are upset about other people being upset so much!

For this generation, there is more tension in our society than we’ve ever faced. And I’m concerned that we are left like a 6 year old on the floor on Christmas morning, wondering “What have we just unwrapped?” Asking God “You got me, What?” 

I got this from a friend, she posted some of her thoughts about perspective. Thank you Jamie for letting me use this. 

She says this.

What if this year really isn’t any different?

What if we are all just going through a season, together, at the same time?

How many years did you go through not knowing or even caring if someone else was going through a tough season?

There’s always loss in the world.

There’s always pain in the world.

There’s always disease, cancer, and viruses in the world.

There’s always inconveniences in the world.

Jesus assured us not to fear, because He indeed has overcome the world.

This year isn’t any different. This year, we are all just in it together.

Be blessed and don’t forget to love one another now and always. 

We are all in this together and thank you Jamie for providing that perspective on timing.

Did you hear about the planets aligning to show the Christmas star? It’s Jupiter and Saturn. The astronomers at NASA call it “The Great Conjunction” It happens approximately every 20 years. Interesting, about every generation gets to see this for themselves. 

Timing is a big thing. Perspective is too. 

As we just talked about the Christmas star, that’s about timing and perspective. Asking the question “You got me, What?” is about timing and perspective. Comedy even hinges on, you guessed it, timing and perspective. 

So all of us being stuck inside this terrestrial petri dish full of microscopic global influence, maybe this is about timing and perspective. We are all in this together.  There is no escaping that.

But perspective, now we have a choice in that, don’t we? 

Look, many of us have received dollar store treasures, clearance rack items and even late night bargain TV ad gimmicks, and battery powered whistle pops, whatever it was. 

Was it what we expected? No. 

Make a choice today, you decide your perspective of the gift. Don’t assume what the intent was from the other person or even God. For that matter. 

One thing you can count on, you have the power to choose your perspective. God gives us that. 

We may not always see why things are the way they turned out. 

But don’t miss the most important fact that distance can’t affect, you are loved. 

Merry Christmas everyone. Know that you are loved, more than you know. 

And until next time, Living the Freedom Life, this is Kyle