We are starting a new series of Episodes for our Podcast named “Who is ready for Fall?” 

Here in Texas, we’ve had what we would call a mild summer. The heat hasn’t been as bad as it could be. But still, I’m ready for Fall. I’m ready for change. I’m ready for the things that associate themselves with the season of Autumn. That’s a big deal and we are going to be talking about it in our series Who Is Ready for Fall?  You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life, Episode #61 Today we are talking about Leaves.

In our series named Who Is Ready for Fall?, today we’re talking about Leaves.

There are different things that come to mind when people think about fall. Fall colors are usually the first thing most people think about. But did you know that in order to have those rich, full, bright and vibrant colors, previously there has to be wet, muddy, sloppy days of rain? Those trees have to have moisture in their leaves in order for them to turn red, yellow, and sage. 

We normally don’t like rainy days, and here in Texas, we don’t get many, but rain does bring great things later. 

Like Vibrant Colors. A lot of times we just need to stop and look at how beautiful those colors really are. This may be time for us to slow down, and, well, instead of smelling the roses, look at the colors. I remember as a kid in Tennessee, tourism would explode during this time of year for people coming just to see the colors of the trees in the Hills. 

The next thing about Leaves is they make a mess of things. One of the only things I don’t like about having a pool this time of year, is all of the leaves that fall in the water. I have to pay attention to the phosphates they create and then all the science stuff related to that, it can give me hives.  

Other people spend a lot of time raking leaves out of their yard. But even THAT has its benefits. 

And I have learned to make the choice that Cleaning up leaves = mediation on change. That is what I am choosing that time to be. Whenever I’m cleaning up leaves, that means I am to meditate on change. 

We don’t have to set an alarm for 3:30 in the morning to spend time with God. Spending time with God can look a lot like raking leaves or cleaning the pool. He wants to spend time with us, it’s us that doesn’t usually make time for Him. I see this as a great opportunity. 

Another thing about leaves is when I see leaves falling and the bald limbs of the trees = saying goodbye to things. It gives me an opportunity to re-evaluate anything that may be considered as a baggage in my life. I need to let those things go, let them fall away because they no longer bring me nutrients, they no longer serve as a healthy source of life for me. They need to go. They need to be swept aside, bagged up, and put to the curb for rubbish. 

I’ve learned there are a lot of things that leaves can teach us. We need to keep our eyes open for this season in our lives. 

We need to learn to appreciate those vibrant colors. And when those leaves and make a mess, we’re allowed to clean up that mess, we need to learn how to use that as an opportunity to let God speak. Because He didn’t make us to carry around dead baggage. We need to learn to let some things in our life go. When we are able to do that, that’s when we Live Freedom Life. 

I hope this helps you today. Get outside and experience what fall has to offer you today. 

In the meantime, my pool needs cleaning. Until next time, Living the Freedom Life, this is Kyle.