Handling the Truth

Some people can’t handle the truth about themselves or others.
Some of you know me well. Through the years, you’ve watched me grow, walked with me, encouraged me, sharpened me, there’ve been some correction and a few swift kick in the pants.
Some of you know me through our Coaching practice, and as you know, as candid as I am and as open as I am about my life, we’ve grown to know each other pretty well in a short amount of time.
There are some of you who listen to this podcast and don’t know me at all, . . . yet.
And that’s okay. In fact, that’s why we produce this podcast, not only for me to open up, to share. You get to know me and then, I get to know you; for us to sharpen each other.
I love getting to know new people. But there is a risk involved in that.
You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life podcast. This is Ep 97 and today we are talking about Handling the Truth