49 To Guard or Fight

I don’t want to make any assumptions here, but have you ever heard of the armor of God? Now remember, we’re not here to talk about religion but we are here to talk about a true relationship with God and what that looks like. There is some symbolic language that’s used in Ephesians 6 that describes a reality that you may be able to associate with. With everything that’s been going on in this year, covid-19, racial Injustice, riots, looting, all of it. I believe that we need this truth that I want to talk to you about today on Living the Freedom Life.

Episode 42 What Do You Think You Are Doing?

You’ve heard the definition of insanity. We say “In order to have a different outcome in life, we have to do something different.”

Episode 41-You Talkin to Me?

Have you ever thought about the power of a question? You can guide an entire conversation by asking questions. But what other power does a question hold?

Episode 40 Don’t Be a Jerk

Squirrels and distractions can get us off track and away from our Vision and Mission. How do you keep your focus?

Episode 39 Too Much Time On My Hands

COVID19 has us staying at home, but what are you doing with the time?

Episode 25 More

There is nothing that satisfies the request of more, than more. There is a deep resonating feeling when we hear that iconic “I can’t get no, satisfaction” tune. Come find out more about how we can get satisfaction.

Episode 23 The Foggy Entitlement Breakdown

Flatt & Scruggs: Foggy Mountain Breakdown