You Got Me What?

This isn’t going to be your typical Christmas post.
You may have seen videos about today’s topic, you may have experienced this yourself and watched it happen. You may have even thought this yourself.
Picture this, it’s Christmas morning, you can tell without going outside, it’s cold, there are still hot coals in the fireplace, you stoke it a couple of times and it comes back to life again, you begin to feel its warmth, the Tree is lit and coffee is brewing. The time is finally here, to sit around the tree and open presents.
You are about to hear the distinct sound of wrapping paper being torn open. There is so much excitement in the room, the kids can’t keep still. They are squirming and about to explode out of their skin. They tear open paper and boxes like they are trying to save someone’s life that’s stuck inside.. . . and then, their shoulders drop. They look up slowly, …“You got me, What?”…
You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life. Ep 76 Our title today, First off, Merry Christmas everyone. Our title today is “You Got Me, What?”