Hello Apartment Communities

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We serve several apartment communities in offering the amenity of Professional Certified Coaching.

This page is designed for Apartment Complex Staff members to briefly explain benchmarks and expectations.

As you browse this page, please follow the links provided as they will guide you through the pages of what your community member will experience.

We are bound by confidentiality, so please understand, you will be directed to a sample page designed for a fictitious client.

Mental Health

The need of Mental Health Awareness is at an all-time high.

By offering this amenity, think of the care and concern you will communicate to your tenants.

Our podcast is available each Thursday morning on your smart device.

Living the Freedom Life

First Step

The first step for someone is to book a Free Initial Consultation. We want to make sure we are a good fit. This can be scheduled completely online.

Click the “New Client Page“.

Second Step

At the end of the consultation, we give clients the option to move forward. When they choose to do so, our team goes to work building their page, customized to their specific needs.

Our scheduling tool will be on their page, clients can choose a day/time that works for their schedule.


Third Step

Your Incentive

We pay you $10 for each paid Client referred.

Ask us how.

With over 20 years professional experience, we can help.

Not ready to be a client? Free Membership is available.

Whether a Client or Free Membership, you will need to login.

Next Step

Do you see the benefit? 

There are a couple of ways we can move forward and help improve your community. Please contact us here.

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