Have you ever reached a point where you’ve told yourself “Something’s Gotta Change”?

With everything going on nowadays, it may be a more common statement than I realized. There’s a lot of tension in our society right now. Including the weather, power outages, food shortages, boiling restrictions on water, Patience wears thin. Intolerance is at an all-time high with our society. Everywhere you look, there is a flavor of division, it’s everywhere. Unity seems like a pipe dream. We are a divided nation and it’s much more than politics. You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life, ep 84 and today’s title is “Something’s Gotta Change”.

Have you noticed that people are a little more on the edge than usual? It feels like there are more and more people willing to be rude, to provide contrast, or some may call it, bringing it to your attention so that you can be informed. Don’t worry, I’m not going to use the word “fight”. There is an air of superiority with a lot of people right now “because I know better than you so I’m going to let you know” in our nation right now.

I can’t tell you how many rude looks I’ve gotten and times I’ve gotten bumped into while shopping. It feels like a day at the NASCAR races when you push your cart down the aisle. People bumping into your cart, rolling their eyes if you stop to look at anything on the shelf because you are now in their way. Parking spaces stolen, line jumping, some random person giving you the WrestleMania stare while they take the last bag of tortillas off the shelf that’s right in front of you. 

I’m not making this stuff up. This is Texas. We are serious about our tortillas. 

Why do you think that shopping online is so popular? That’s right, people, not you of course, but the general public, they are rude. If we shop online, we don’t have to endure people. 

At first, I thought it was me. I thought that I was the common denominator with all of this rudeness I was seeing. 

Am I just THAT much in the way? Am I THAT much of a burden to the general public? 

If I were blocking the entire aisle with my cart, trying to decide which Pepper Jack slices to get, the 12 or the 24 pack, hmmmmmmm, let me think about this for a minute, oh yeah, I wrote it down somewhere, now where did my sticky note shopping list run off to? Completely oblivious to any traffic around me…

If I was that guy, then yeah, maybe so. But no. I’ve got my list, I’m efficient. And if it’s crowded, I only get what I need and get out. I’m not one to dilly dally and “see what’s new” on the shelves while the world is trying to get home and feed their family at the same time. 

Is this a rant?; maybe so.

But then, I stopped and meditated on this thought. Not while standing in the aisle, not even while I was shopping, I took some time to think about this later…much later.

What do you lay your trust in?

This is actually a common question that Jesus asked, no matter if He was talking to a leper, a poor beggar, or a high-profile church leader. He wanted us to realize the answer to this question. He already knew, but He wants us to see this about ourselves in the moment. 

When a crisis hits, what do you lay your trust in? It’s an important question and even when we know what the “right” answer is, we stray away from it before we realize it. 

When the last parking spot is taken by someone else who whipped right in, when the power is out and the temp hasn’t been above freezing in three days, when the grocery stores are completely empty and it looks like it won’t be anytime soon when they’re restocked; what do you lay your trust in?

It’s a very important question and trust is at the base of it. 

There are 4 elements of trust. I want to share these with you today because I think they will help you, they will help you answer some questions about yourself if you dare to ask them. When you do by the way, growth will be the byproduct of this when you do it. https://www.oregon.gov/ode/schools-and-districts/grants/mentoring/Documents/3.TheFourElementsofTrust.pdf

The 4 Elements of trust are pretty simple but without them, trust can’t be present. 

  1. Consistency – In this context, we don’t like surprises. In order for us to trust someone, we have to experience consistency.
  2. Compassion – We have to believe that someone else has compassion on us.  In some cases it’s something as little as acknowledgement of awareness. Just being aware that you’re in the room can be enough. We need to believe that someone understands us. 
  3. Communication – We not only want to be understood, but we want to understand as well. Clear and frequent communication is crucial in building Trust. 
  4. Competency – We need to believe that the people that were around are competent. That they are able to not only understand, but they are capable of doing what we are expecting them to do, or at least do their part.

Without these four elements, it is nearly impossible to build trust. When we don’t see or experience these four elements, we tend to rely on ourselves more and more. 

We know ourselves the best and in some areas, we may think that we are the only ones who are worthy of our trust. Which means that our trust in everyone else, erodes away to the point of not trusting anyone. 

This doesn’t happen intentionally, but we have to be intentional to prevent it. 

What do you lay your trust in? For some people, it is themselves. When you see all this rudeness going on, all of this division, all of these power struggles, striving to get ahead of the next person, all of this unhealthy do or be done mentality. 

What do you lay your trust in?  It’s very revealing. 

You see, Something’s Gotta Change. All of this tension, all of this “awareness” that’s going on. Something’s Gotta Change. 

Do you know how that change will come? 

Through the only thing that you can control, you. Yes, Something’s Gotta Change and with something this big, the answer is always the same. 

Sometimes when things need to change, people get bitter, rude, and extremely vocal. Other times when things need to change, it’s mostly within ourselves. That is what we can control, is ourselves. Sometimes we can’t control what is going on outside, but we can control how we respond. 

A very common saying that we have in the coaching world is,”be the change you want to see”. 

If there is something that you want to see changed, exemplify that. The world just maybe waiting for you to be the first person to do so. You may be the trendsetter. You might be the one who starts a chain reaction of change that just maybe, just maybe, will change the way other people respond. 

Yeah, Something’s Gotta Change and it’s usually me. 

We are out of time, but today, let’s go out there and Live the Freedom Life. 

You just may be the answer the world has been waiting for. 

Living the Freedom Life, this is Kyle