Episode 96


Did you ever see the bottom of an old glass bottle or can? You could get yourself a shiny nickel if you turned it back in. To a 5 year old, that’s like free money! And that is a great example of redeeming something. You turn in something that is used and you get something in return that has value! 

Redemption is an important concept to understand as a follower of Christ, but if we only look at it through “Coke Bottle lenses”, we may be setting ourselves up for a great disappointment if we are not careful. You are listening to Living the Freedom Life podcast and today we are talking about Redemption.

Redemption is only a great concept until you experience it. It’s personal. It’s one of the most personal things a human can experience. It seems like the more a person has experienced failure in their life, the more important and personal redemption is. It seems like the longer a person has believed that they are a failure, the sweeter the redemption is. The deeper it feels.

The problem with that is that it’s very difficult for a person to truly experience it. I really hope this doesn’t resonate with you, because if it does, that means that you have experienced it too. I hope you haven’t. 

But, redemption is rare. Rare, as in, it is precious, it’s valuable. And when you feel it, it will be the most personal thing; you will hold onto it for the rest of your days. The reason platinum is valuable is that you can’t just find it anywhere. It’s rare, not everyone has it, that’s why it has value.

You see, some people have deeply felt rejection. Not just wanting to be picked for the team rejection, not just the cool kid not wanting to be your friend kind of rejection. I’m talking about rejection that comes from thinking that you “don’t measure up to everyone else” rejection. Internal rejection. That you don’t quite have “a place where you fit in” kind of rejection. You “don’t know what to do in life” kind of rejection. That amount of internal rejection runs deep because it’s your own logic confirming that rejection. 

This can’t be cured by some pep-talk. This isn’t turned around by having coffee and a good conversation. Even listening to a podcast.

Early in my spiritual walk, I learned that “The only cure for rejection is acceptance.”  

The only cure for rejection is acceptance. 

I’ve spent years in the music industry. In recording studios sitting behind an audio console bigger than the vehicle you drive type of studios. And then, I had my personal series of tragic internal rejection. It took me down a road that few recover from, and I’m grateful now, that I survived. 

But redemption is elusive. It’s not always readily seen and obvious. The longer it evades, I’ve noticed that some people get bitter because of that. Deep down we expect redemption when we go to church services, read the bible and talk to pastors…even listen to podcasts. We expect redemption to find us in our ditch, discarded, ready to pick us up and turn us into the recycling center to be washed, cleaned, re-created into something new, exciting, refreshed and full of life.

You see, redemption knows where we were found. It remembers being discarded and thrown away, cast aside. 

Why is it so rare?

Because we already think we know what it’s supposed to look like. We already have an image or a rendition of how things are supposed to be redeemed. It’s like we already know its worth, so we only see redemption in the frame of what we see that has worth to us, now. 

You see, it is only our definition of how we currently see worth. Remember when you found a can that was thrown away and it said that you could get five cents for it? That excitement was because you were 5 years old and had a value system of a five year old. Today, I’m not sure if you would take the time for five cents. You have a different value system now. 

When you feel redemption, when you experience true redemption, it will have a value that is so personal that there is no way that someone could have known the value it has, but you.  

That is what God wants for you. He wants you to stop settling for your picture of redemption and trust in Him and His way. And the only way to do that, is to get to know Him. He already knows you. Get to know Him. YOu will be amazed at His redemption that He has planned for you. It is so much sweeter, more personal, and fuller than you can ever imagine. 

A lot of times when we are “let down” or disappointed by God is when we have expectations of what He will do. A lot of times we misinterpret His promises. We read into His word according to our definition of how we currently see worth. And usually, His economy is worth so much more to us because it’s personal. 

He wants you to encounter acceptance. 

He wants redemption for you. 

He wants you to be able to Live the Freedom Life. 

And if so, we would like to help guide that. We would like to help in any way we can. Reach out to us. We would love to hear from you. 

Living the Freedom Life, this is Kyle.