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Your Supply Line

How many of you feel like life is sometimes a war? That there’s some type of strategy that you’re missing out on, and is definitely being used on you.

In a war, the opposing generals they carefully study the weaknesses in order to find just the right way to exploit them.

They study when and where is the enemy most vulnerable? That is where their attack will come.

This strategy can allow a smaller Army to do considerable damage to a larger, well-equipped Army.

In the same way, it’s good for us to know our own strengths and weaknesses. If we know when we are strong and when we are vulnerable, it will help us guard against temptations and failures.

Think about it, when everything’s going great, where are you most attacked? Pride.

When it seems that the wheels are falling off, where are we attacked? We feel isolated.

As many of you are subscribers, we can show just as many examples of this.

In other words, when we know what areas we feel weak, we will be able to identify where the attacks are coming. We know where we feel weak, and that is where feel the attack always comes.

Looking deeper, this will be ultimately where we find our true strengths that the enemy is trying to prevent from developing.

Let me say it this way, your enemy is more strategic than that. He doesn’t just want to conquer you. He wants to completely destroy you. Where do you feel like you’re getting attacked? Why would you simply get attacked in an area where you are weak? Your enemy wants to prevent you from being the conqueror you were created to be. Because that will affect how you influence others.

There, I said it. Every one of us, without fail, has influence. And that influence is powerful. We will have more on this in a later episode.

One of the best military strategies is to cut off the supply line. If an army runs out of supplies of what they need to be engaged in the battle, they will run out of strength, ability, and can no longer be effective. If the supply line is cut off where the army cannot develop into the planned effectiveness, we are no longer talking about the battle, we are now talking about the war.

Lamentations 3:40 Let us examine our ways and test them.

1 Corinthians 3:16 asks Don’t you know that you yourselves…

If we don’t examine ourselves, if we don’t know where our weaknesses are, if we don’t know the strengths in which God made us, we will not know how to develop, grow, and strengthen them.

We believe that the Lord ask us to start Living the Freedom Life.

What if I didn’t hone the skill of speaking? Of Writing? What if I didn’t study? What if I didn’t spend time with Him? What if I chose not to have counsel in my life? Healthy people whom I trust. This would not be what it is today.

I understand, I appreciate you listening, but God’s hand is on this. There is a part of this that is my responsibility. It comes through my obedience. But it is through His part that makes it all effective. He is my supplier.

As my pastor says, there’s my part, and then there’s God’s part. My part usually comes first.

There is a natural part of this and I operate in the natural. But there is also a supernatural aspect of this, and He operates in the Supernatural. Hey don’t get me wrong, He can surely operate in both. Why would I try to cross over into the supernatural when that’s His realm?

There are no limitations to what He can do. But this is usually how He works. There’s my part, in the natural. And then there’s God’s part, in the Supernatural. My part usually comes first.

Let me say it again, God is my supplier. I can run around, and move around, but he is my supplier. I need to make sure that I am still connected to my supplier. The enemy will do everything it can to keep me from my supplier.

We want to be here as a part of your supply team. We want to provide a connection to a source of power and strength for you.

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