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What Do You Want?

What would be your response if someone came up to you and asked what do you want? What would be your response? Yes, anything in the world. What would you want? Do we even know how to answer that question? Do we sometimes think we know what we want, and it truly not be the best thing for us? Of course.

What are you asking God for right now? What are you praying about right now? Or better yet, what have you stopped praying about? Because you feel like He’s just not answering.

If we took the time to think about it, how much different would our lives be, if we always got what we thought we wanted?

There are many times that I want dessert after a meal. But there are also times that I don’t want to look of feel like the guy who always eats dessert. There are times where I don’t know what I truly want. What I want, deep down. What I need.

You may think to yourself, “Wow Kyle, You’re not doing too good of a job describing this Living the Freedom Life, now are you?” It depends on what you’re listening with. It depends on you listening with something deeper than the things that are on the side of your head.

I may want to eat an entire plate of brownies, for example. That desire may have little to do with Hunger for food… and much to do with the hunger for satisfaction, comfort, affirmation or a sense of peacefulness. God wants to provide those things for us but it rarely looks like a full plate of brownies. God knows what we want.

In the opener we say the phrase “all of us want it, all of us need it”. What is it that we are talking about? It is Living the Freedom life. All of us need to Live the Freedom Life. And deep down, all of us want to Live the Freedom Life. Weather we realize it or not, there is a deep down  hunger, that you can’t satisfy. There’s an old song that says there’s a god-shaped hole in all of us. Some people spend their entire lives, searching for all sorts of things to fill that need, and don’t find it. All of us have a desire to Live the Freedom Life.

So we usually don’t know how to answer the question, what do you want? Why?

Because of the truth that’s in Isaiah 55:8-9 My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the Lord. Then He gives an example in verse 9, saying as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.

So He knows what we truly need. He’s the one that made us, He should know, right?

I am thankful for the truth that is in these verses.

Psalm 103:5 Who satisfies your desires with good things… God’s desire is to do this for YOU.

But we have to get the what we want out of the way so that we can see what we need. What we need will always satisfy both our need and our want.

How does He give us those things?  How does God provide those things that we need, those things that will satisfy our wants?

Well, the church answer is in His presence.

The Living the Freedom Life answer, is in His presence.

You see, for those brownies to become something desirable for dessert, it has to get into the presence of an oven. The oven changes the batter into something it was designed to become. A brownie. The batter didn’t have to DO anything, except get into the oven.

We are designed for greatness. Do you realize that today? You were made specifically for your version of Awesomeness. So the answer the question what do you want? Everyone wants to be awesome. And if  his thoughts are higher than my thoughts, that’s even awesome-er.

I hope you are hopping into the oven through this podcast, I hope that you’re spending time with the Lord, in prayer, reading his word, in a small group, maybe even in a church. I hope you are even taking some notes, writing down some things to remember. Whatever it takes, spend time with Him today and go be awesome.

If you feel like He is not answering while you are talking to Him, start asking different questions. Remember, you may not know what you want but He knows what you need.

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