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We are not here to talk religion, but we will talk about what it means to have a personal, daily walk with God. Our goal is to not waste your time and be under 5 minutes. Come! Join the discussion.

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I’ll Never be Your Beast of Burden

I need a computer with me at all times so I have my laptop in there and I need a mouse. I never check the batteries in that Mouse so I’ll keep a couple of extra batteries just in case. Speaking of batteries, what if my laptop battery isn’t charged all the way, I need a power cord. What if an outlet isn’t close to me so I may need an extension cord. Might as well throw a phone charger in there too.

Just in case if I have a small thought, I may need to put a couple of pens and a notebook in there. Okay a black, blue and a red pen would help, because it has to be color coded.

Then I began to think, what if I have a meeting? I may need some gum and some Altoids; might as well throw some deodorant in there as well. Then I thought, what if I ran into someone I want to interview for the podcast? Now I need a microphone, some cables and other audio gear to make that happen. If I’m heading to a speaking engagement, I need my notes and everything involved with that.  And of course, we haven’t even mentioned books.

We cram way too many things that we think are essentials into our lives. Medical professionals warn us that lugging around a hefty bag like that can cause long-term damage to our bodies, stressing nerves that can lead to permanent arm numbness.

We also have a warning of similar damage to our spiritual life when we schlep around wrong attitudes that weigh down our hearts and numb our spirits.

How many of you have seen an older person just have a Gruff look on their face all the time? That could be caused by years of carrying around too much baggage.

There is a reason that we are compared to sheep. Sheep are not made to carry weight. So I guess you could say that when you call someone a donkey, you’re really identifying someone carrying around more weight on their attitude than they should be carrying. Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden

What excess baggage are you dragging around these days? A growing Grudge? A shaky self-image? A habit or two that you try to conceal from God, and other people in your life?

The bible is really a cool place to go to find solutions to all this stuff we are talking about. Hebrews 12:1 Let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.

Perhaps it’s time to lighten your load. If we try to carry too much, there’s no way that we can run this race that is set before us.
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