Episode 82

One of the main keys to success is to keep going when you start. I’m sure that you’ve heard the old adage, “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.” Let me explain a few things today that’s helped a lot of people. This has EVERYTHING to do with Living the Freedom Life and I want to share it with you. This is Episode 82 named after those infamous words of Winston Churchill, We are talking about “Going Through Hell” today.  

If you aren’t in it, or been through it, now may be the time to prepare for it. Notice I didn’t say expect it because it really isn’t in the plan for you to experience. 

We are talking about going through Hell today. People who have been there, it’s like a telepathic code, like two war veterans being able to silently communicate about understanding each other’s hardship. Once you go, you know… and you can easily see it in others.

If you haven’t, well all I can say is, “bully for you”. 

Well, I believe there is a great deal that we can learn from history. If we don’t, it has been said that we are doomed to repeat it.

Almost a 100 years ago this week, a 65 year old, chubby, frumpy faced man took on a new job. It would be one of the most infamous feats of the 20th century. The man, was Winston Churchill and the job, was to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. When he took the job, the British looked to be done for, by the vicious and victorious German Natzis of World War II. Churchill was in office for two weeks and France was knocked out of the war, only to send 340,000 British troops scurrying to escape over the beaches at Dunkirk, crossing the channel to safety.

The Germans had absolute control over all of Europe and it eerily seemed to be Britain’s fate that they wouldn’t survive. 

Just as in any good story, where all hope is lost and it seems there is no way out, here comes our hero, providing such a wake up call to the greatness that’s inside all of us, that no person can deny.

When Churchill addressed the people that were looking to him to save their beloved nation, he laid out his plan bluntly. He said “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” He rallied and told them all the places and situations they would fight and erupted with “we shall never, never, ever give up”. Churchill used language that he knew would rouse the fighting spirit that still remained in the British people. And he activated the entire UK.

As it happened, the Royal Air Force was outnumbered, but that didn’t stop them by beating the Germans day after day, month after month. 

Eventually, they not only survived that time, but they were able to claim victory over those odds, and built back much more that the city that was bombed, but they built back a resilience, they had tested their tenacity, and hope proved to show itself faithful. 

Just like many of you who have been through some things. It wasn’t a one day decision to stop doing this or that. It was consistency of effort with sweat and drive over a long period of time, longer than you thought it would take, but you got through it. 

There are others who are in the middle of something and need to hear that victory is actually an option where everything seems lost and hopeless. 

As Churchill reflected back on that time, he would later describe it by saying, “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.

There is a song by Rodney Atkins that has sprinboarded off Churchill’s famous statement adding 

If you’re going through Hell, keep on going, 

don’t slow down, if you’re scared don’t show it, 

you might get out before the devil even knows you’re there.

While this isn’t a exactly a theological statement, or a statement on religious doctrine, what I hope that you hear today is that even though you may feel that you are under tremendous odds, that you feel there is no way out, keep going. Don’t give up. Please, do_not_ever_quit. Fight for the things and freedoms that’s on your heart.

Listen, as a former Hell dweller, I know it may be hard right now, but you have to keep going. There is a way out. There is hope. In fact, if you are listening to this podcast and you are not going through something difficult right now, would you please pray for those who are listening and they are going through, maybe what is the fight of their life right now. Pray for them.