Today, I want to talk a little bit about marriage and the importance of it. Tammy and I are celebrating our anniversary today. 

No matter how you believe or what your worldview, Marriage is the most sacred relationship that you will enter while here on Earth. 

Our english-language only has one word to describe love. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but the Greek language has six different words to describe different modalities of love. Most people are more comfortably familiar with four types, Agape, phileo, Storge, Eros. 

Agape: The shortest definition is unconditional love. Moreover, the love that God has for us and we are intended to have for him.  

Phileo: Brotherly love. The root word being Fila. And the City of Brotherly Love which is named Philadelphia. 

Storge: The natural or instinctual affection as in the deep Love for your family and your offspring

Ludus: Some Wordsmiths may not describe this in the “love” category. But let me explain this one. The playful affection. We’ve all had a taste of it in the flirting and teasing in the early stages of a relationship. Some people even call this the honeymoon stage in a relationship. 

Eros: Is described as passionate or romantic love. That doesn’t necessarily mean sexual, but certainly includes it. Pragma: In this type of Love, sexual attraction takes a back seat. It’s not concerned with time, able to see past current situations and focuses on long-term interests

Concerning same-sex marriage, Ravi Zacharias says it more eloquently than I can.