I know that we’ve already talked about Halloween a couple of episodes ago, but I want to expand a little more on something I mentioned then. You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life and this is episode number 68 Listen to what you’re saying 

I wasn’t raised in an overtly Christian home. Both of my parents were decent people, but we NEVER talked about eternal things. We only went to church to pay homage to my grandparents. And here is what I would like to share with you today. I’m a Halloween baby. Now, I’m not mentioning that for Happy Birthday accolades, but I’m sharing this with you today because of the messed up theology I had about my birthday when I was growing up. I somehow formed a belief system that the day of my birth had something to do with who I was. As I mentioned before, I even had life examples to confirm what I was believing. 

Which brings us to a saying we have at Kyle McMurray Coaching “You will find what you focus on”. 

This is true with our political situation that we are facing, it’s true about our past, it’s true about how we interact with people, it’s true about how we face the day ahead of us.

If you, in a genuine way, say to yourself “today is going to be a tough day”, how many of you know that today now has a greater likelihood of being a tough day. 

Have you ever talking to someone and couldn’t recall the name of something, and then you say aloud, “Oh, I’ll think of it in a minute”. Then 20 minutes later you interrupt everyone and say “Rumpelstiltskin!” No? None of you. Well, I hear that it happens to people. 

Now on the other side of this, I’m not one of those “name it and claim it” people. Just because I say that “I am a kid of the King and God, I’m expecting a miracle”. You know what, He just may do it, He surely has the power to do that. But more than likely, He wants to see me get off my rear and go to work every day, love and encourage my wife, do the same for my daughter and be a good friend to those around me and invest wisely into the people who need and want it.

I saw a post the other day that read, “Want to see me turn $40 into $400? Spend the $40 to fill up your gas tank and go to work”

If I have a tendency to do those things as an expression of who I am, well, of course things are going to change.

 Sometimes God is just waiting for us to take action and use the gifts He has given us. “Walking by Faith takes my initiative to walk, then He does His part.

So, getting back on track, There is power in our words. That’s how God created, He spoke. And we are made after His image, so that is how we work as well. But that is where it begins.

You can see this in three ways that there is power in your words.

  1. That by speaking, you listen too. Because it sets the stage on our actions by telling yourself “This is what we are doing”. David used to tell himself things all the time. He would say “Soul, we are going to worship God today” and as it turns out, during some of the crummiest days of his life, that’s what he did. There is power in your words.
  2. It tells the enemy to sit down and back off. If you set your mind to it, think about this, the battlefield is the mind, you are clearing the battlefield. You are wiping the enemy off of the battlefield. There is power in your words.
  3. It builds our faith! It gives us a “see, I told you” moment within our own logic. It gives us opportunity to see and make connections in our own logic, to have examples that no one else can disprove that God’s goodness towards YOU is true. In the OT they were told to stack rocks and build altars in order to remember the things that God has done in their lives, so that they have examples to teach their children and others. This is the power of your words, and you have this power in you. 

In Genesis and the account of Creation, God spoke to the light, darkness, the air, and the waters. But in the account of creation, after He speaks, then it forms. It may take some time for it to happen. 

I’ll say it again, Sometimes God is just waiting for us to take action and use the gifts He has given us. “Walking by Faith takes my initiative to walk, then He does His part.

Which brings us back to our opening statement, “You find what you focus on”. 

The power of our words helps us focus on different things. 

We have a coaching practice and a lot of what we do, I touched on today. We help people get to the place where they can look back and say “Wow God! You are real because there is no way I could be here without You”. We had a client say this very statement this week. We get to show people that path, the path to their next level of finding out what God’s plan is for their life and activating it. We want to help that to become a reality in your life as well. 

I really appreciate you listening today. You trust me to come into your life each week through these speakers. Thank you. 

To our clients, thank you so much for trusting us to walk with you and coach you along your path. There is no greater honor.