Life Wheel Assessment

Re-evaluation is Necessary

All of us need it, but do we dare to do it? 

It’s easy to get into, what we call, a “rut” or a pattern. When we reach a certain age (younger than most think), there is a high probability that you aren’t actively learning anything new, unless we are actively challenged. Those patterns form because we shape them for our own comfort. 

Most things may not be in your everyday routine and when we are reminded, we pick it back up. Today, we are challenging and refining that common practice. 

Before we begin down this exciting path, these few pages are designed for us to see how aware you are about yourself and to provide a benchmark in designing a Custom Coaching Plan for you. We do not push our clients through some cookie cutter coaching program. This tool will prevent that and your participation depends on the results.

Use the graphic as a reference to complete the form below.

In the wheel, the center represents zero (0) and the graduating rings represent even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8) with the outer ring representing ten (10).

In the form below, enter the numerical value for each color/section.

Make sure and click the “Submit” button when you are done.