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No one knows what they will learn tomorrow. The key is to be teachable at all times.”    ~Albert Einstein

You are smarter than you know, stronger than you feel, and gifted more than what you’ve experienced.

A great client is not determined by whether or not they are “successful”. A great client is determined by the amount of work they are willing to invest into their own life.  

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We pray for every client, by name, every week.

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Have you ever seen a little girl crawl up in her Grandfather’s lap and “snuggle in“? That picture is what He wants to give you the freedom and the authority to do with Him. Understand that His love for you has nothing to do with what you “bring to the table“. He loves you just because you are. I know, that statement is grammatically incorrect, but true.

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  • Session 1
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals infographic SMART Goals
  • Self Respect
  • Anxiety
  • Boundaries
  • The Levels of Change
  • The Power of 4 Questions
  • Welcome to Your Brain
  • People Pleasing

"The beginning is a great place to start." ~The Sound of Music.

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When we don't set goals, it is more probable that life will simply pass by. We have to be intentional. Setting goals is one of the best ways to do that. Click here to access this tool. 

Most people know how to show respect to others, but how many of us want that same respect returned? Of course, everyone does. That rarely happens when we fail to see this one crucial step. We have to learn what Self-Respect is and how to do it. Click here to access this tool.

We've had clients that cannot live life because of the crippling effects Anxiety had on their daily life. Your journey back starts by accessing this tool by Moving Through Anxiety here.

Boundaries is one of those "hot topics" that a lot of people are talking about. There are very few resources out there that actually give you tools to help you understand when you should establish them, how to set them, and maintain Healthy Boundaries. Click here to access this tool.

This is one of the foundational tools used in Kyle McMurray Coaching. We will refer to this tool often because herein lies the only type of change anyone desires, PERMANENT CHANGE. Click here to access this tool and please read it often.

Think about what you think about, because if we don't it can be as dangerous as a Toddler running with a machete. Come discover how we can tame the toddler running down the hallways of our mind. Click here to access this tool.

You think you know someone. Our brain often derails our reality and holds perception hostage. This usually goes undetected. Most people think that they know themselves and how they think. That is rarely true. Click Here for this great tool.

Find out the 10 signs that you may be trying too hard to please everyone. Click here to access this publication.

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