Chad Bourland

You are smarter than you know, stronger than you feel, and gifted more than what you’ve experienced…yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve talked about that before. Scroll down to your note section and be reminded of our conversation.

We are so proud of the strides you are taking but would love to re-connect with you. 

We pray for every client, by name, every week. 

Here is how we are praying for YOU.

God is not confined by time. We are. “He is not slothful concerning His promises…” 2 Pt 3:9 Our prayer for you this week is that you are patient with 1. Yourself and the restoration process and 2. God and Him restoring you, inside of you. 

Mt 6:33 “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things will be added to you.”

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12/12/2020 Phone call

Hard conversation with Heather. He responds unkind. She is mad and angry. Every time b/c she is always attacking. He sees this as not being helpful.

It’s not a conversation, it is attacks.

She’s not wrong about some things.

The dilemma is: There is no action or effort in being a Dad. Why? Or…do you not want to be a jerk?

Entire marriage was a lie. Chad’s actions say the polar opposite from his words.

Have problem with sticking with decisions.

What if you were to find out that you’ve been trying harder to do better this entire time? 

We can talk more about finding out who you are. 

When you discover that, then everything you do, is an expression of who you are. Then, you don’ thave to “try” at anything, you are just doing. 

“There is no try, just do” Yoda

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