Episode 44 Who Are You Hangin’ With?

We are a combination of the top five things that influence our life. It seems to me that those top five things are pretty important. If I don’t decide what they are, who does?

Episode 43 What Are You Thinking?

This week we continue our series “A Toddler with a Machete” but we want to help walk you through one of our exercises. Listen as we discover how.

Episode 42 What Do You Think You Are Doing?

You’ve heard the definition of insanity. We say “In order to have a different outcome in life, we have to do something different.”

Episode 41-You Talkin to Me?

Have you ever thought about the power of a question? You can guide an entire conversation by asking questions. But what other power does a question hold?

Episode 40 Don’t Be a Jerk

Squirrels and distractions can get us off track and away from our Vision and Mission. How do you keep your focus?

Episode 38 A Toddler Running with a Machete

This week on LFL we talk about an upcoming eBook “The Power of 4 Questions, How to Tame a Toddler Running with a Machete”