49 To Guard or Fight

I don’t want to make any assumptions here, but have you ever heard of the armor of God? Now remember, we’re not here to talk about religion but we are here to talk about a true relationship with God and what that looks like. There is some symbolic language that’s used in Ephesians 6 that describes a reality that you may be able to associate with. With everything that’s been going on in this year, covid-19, racial Injustice, riots, looting, all of it. I believe that we need this truth that I want to talk to you about today on Living the Freedom Life.

48 Some Things Never Change

I was recently reunited with a childhood friend this week. It was great, it was a trip down memory lane, but even after all those years, it felt very familiar but it got me to thinking about some things I want to share with you today.

Episode 46 This IS a Test

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about this study or not, but apparently there’s a lot of research invested into this. It’s called The Shopping Cart Test. There’s several indicators involved but it discovers the type of person that does or does not return a shopping cart, after they’re through unloading whatever they purchased into their vehicle.

The study shows The Shopping Cart Test is a great way to find out whether a person is capable of self-governing.

It reveals whether or not you will do the right thing when…especially when no one is looking.

Episode 45 There’s a Little Vader in Us All

You would think that everyone would be rooting for The Alliance to restore the Republic, but there are people who are fans of The Empire and Darth Vader.
What I’ve discovered is, There’s a little Vader in all of us.