Ep 85

Have you ever been in your sweet spot? Have you ever been doing something and thought WOW, this is what God created me to do. You’ve found your rhythm. 

Now if you haven’t, don’t worry, just get ready. It’s coming. But I want to hopefully save you some heartache if you ever get stuck. 

But if you know what I’m talking about, working in that sweet spot of your life, and then things just kind of stop. You don’t get to do that enough. The project loses its steam, or no one finds interest in the thing you were so excited about. It’s deflating. It’s defeating, and it may even put you in the position to start asking God, “Did I even hear You in the first place?

See, I’ve also been in that place too. Things just kind of fell apart after years of research and hard work. I thought, “God, I’m pretty sure I heard you in this. I thought I was hearing Your voice. This is a flop! Why? What did I do wrong? How did I mess this up?

Well, I have news for you. Just because something excites me and I work hard at it, doesn’t mean that God is going to grant me the thing I think I want. 

Yes, we can talk about someone’s momma telling their little precious they sing purdy. But that doesn’t mean that after years of voice lessons, and singing in front of 30 church members, means that they are going to land a recording contract and go on tour.

We have to take our focus off of our definition of what success is.

This has everything to do with how we define success. And when we don’t achieve it, then we blame God for not ordaining or blessing our hard work. Very few times do we even consider what God’s definition of success for our life is. Now the question becomes who is serving who? Are we the ones dictating how God is supposed to “bless us”? That’s a dangerous thing. 

One of the main keys to any success is to keep going once you start. Sometimes, it’s really that simple. Not giving up will take you very far, so it’s important to develop a habit of consistency.

Always walk with an open hand. Let me explain what I mean by walking with an open hand. 

It may sound silly at first, but bear with me. 

God, is a supernatural being and His part of this is usually supernatural. He can and does interact in the natural (they are called miracles, by the way). He certainly can do that. But usually He takes action in the supernatural. 

Let me explain something else to you. Yes, if you are a Christ follower, God has breathed life into you and awakened your spirit, so now, you are a supernatural being too, but we mainly interact in the natural because, we are natural beings.

God’s part, He mainly interacts in the supernatural. and our part, we mainly interact in the natural. Here is how it usually plays out. By faith, our part comes first. There is God’s part, there is our part, and our part comes first. 

So what that means is that you need to give your goal the time and effort that it takes.

That’s the only way to achieve it, seriously. I’ll put it this way, we cannot achieve it if we give up.

But remember, walk that path with an open hand. What do I mean by that? Well, if I’m working on something or I have a goal and I am clenching it in my hand, in other words, If I am taking the ownership of this, then I’m not giving the Lord access to it. I am holding on too tightly and He can’t be a part of it. He’s not going to force Himself to be a part of it. He’s not guiding me, I’m guiding me. 

But figuratively, if I’m walking and I’m holding this project in my hands, but I have my hands open, as if I’m presenting it, I’m holding it in my open hand, then He can take it and do something with it. He can change it, modify it, He can even exchange it for something else.

You see, He’s guiding the efforts now. Not me. 

Now He is the one defining success, not me. 

In those so called failed projects that I explained before, during all of that research, during all of that hard work and time I put into those projects, on the surface it seemed like a waste of time. By my definition of success. The way I was holding it, I wasn’t sharing it with Him. I heard His voice and direction, but I quickly took over and ran with it. I didn’t walk with an open hand. 

I’m still a starter. That’s how He made me. I can’t deny that. 

The middle can be hard. You lose some steam. You feel more doubts. If you give up, you may be missing out of His definition of success. Which by the way, is ALWAYS better. 

My part is being consistent. The world wants you to work harder. . . to make it happen. I may have a little success, but mainly end up tired.

If you are discouraged today, let me encourage you to keep doing what you are doing, stay consistent, but walk with an open hand. 

Let Him guide you. When you get excited about it like I do, get others involved. Go have coffee with someone and let them know what we talked about today. Ask them how they see your part and God’s part in this.

“There is safety in the multitude of His counsel” (Prov 11:14, Prov 15:22, Prov 24:6)

I intend to follow that today. 

I intend to Live the Freedom Life. Until next time, This is Kyle